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  • Hi Barry, thanks for the input on OCD. I hope we can share some thoughts sometime as we have similar experiences. I'm from Australia. I have added you as my friend. :)
    lol, nowhere really. Well ive been on facebook a lot playing a game, im getting obsessed with it hehe.
    Jus checkin up on everyone and seeing how they are doing. i been good tho man. Still have those bouts here and there, but what can u do? I see they hav given u a name change tho. Resident pimp. Dont hurt urself now man haha
    Hey Barry, the funny thing is though it had taken me ages to figure out how on earth can I get people to send me visitor or private messages lol.
    Hi Barry, It's FEAR here and I would just like to say I think your latest picture is cute by the way and you have a nice smile, If I were single I would definately go out on a date with you and I mean that, for now though take care my friend.
    oh and sorry i never completed the knock knock joke, i couldnt think of a good one to tell you lol
    Barry, i feel kinda weird telling you this, but you were in my dream lol. you sent me a text message joking around saying you were pregnant and then there was an animation of a cat. and then i guess you were staying at my house and i saw nintendo hooked up in the room you were staying in. like old school nintendo, you even had this weird home made binocular thing so i guess you could see the screen better, lol. you really liked your nintendo i guess xD

    really, i have no idea why you were in my dream, i dont talk to you that much lol.
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