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  • you need to give love to get love


    you need to get love to give love

    which do you think is more true??
    Hey, things have been... interesting as far as college goes. Mostly been busy with my studies. How have you been? What have you been up to?
    Oh, just noticed your reply. My apologies. I've been watching season 7 right along, and so far it's pretty good. :) Sadly I couldn't watch Friday's episode and I can't watch this Friday's episode either. I'll have to catch them online sometime.
    Lucky Me! lol ;) Yea dvds are pretty expensive now a days. I still havnt seen any of the episodes from the 7th season yet i usually just wait till there released on dvd and just rewatch all the episodes from the other seasons i love this show lol. Whats your fave season so far?
    Ha! That's great! I love the show too, it's so incredible. Lucky you, owning all the dvd sets! I don't have any, sadly. I hate the price of dvd sets nowadays, and even buying them used it's like $45. O.O Not having a job doesn't help either so... Yeah, I'll be waiting a while before I get any of those dvd sets, heh.
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