What score do you get on the social anxiety test?

What score did you get on the test?

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Err... I only got a 41: 24 fear, 17 avoidance.

I think I took this test a few years ago and got a 94 or something... 41 is quite a bit nicer - it scores me less than moderate! But I still feel nasty when I go out and do things - but I guess I do DO some things now... not enough though.


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56 (fear) + 56 (avoidance) = 112

It was hard to answer some of those questions because they are not situations I'm in. I just had to guess on some like the writing in front of people and I wouldn't dream of giving a party!


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I got 73. 41 fear and 32 avoidance. The questions were hard to answer though. Where do you draw the line between mild and moderate or moderate and severe? How can you tell if you'd be anxious giving a party when you never have?
there were only a few things that terrify me on the list... they gave me a 7 but that seems sorta inaccurate. if i could choose better questions to put on there, i'd probably be a 30 or 40.


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66+53= 119 very severe SA

I don't feel my SA is very severe, severe yes, but not very severe b/c I can face people in certain situations , I do leave my house, I'm still in school, ect. otherwise I am still functional with SA which is more than some people can say. I actually took this and got a 126 at first but went back and changed a few of my answers and then got a 119 (it's sorta hard to rank your fear and avoidance levels)


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Yeah, I found it real hard to draw the lines between mild, moderate and severe. You probably won't get the same score twice, depending on how you feel on the day!