what physical symptons of anxiety do you get ?


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I hate anxiety and all of its symptoms !

Anyone else focus there awerness on their body n physical sensations? for example since my 1st panic i concentrate on my chest and imagine its tight, so then i actually think its tight causin me to panic.
its so hard to distract thoughts.

would love to hear from you all


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Puking. When ever I get super anxious I feel like heaving, and I have to catch myself or keep from thinking about puking or nasty food. Sometimes I just HAVE to let it out though, sucks::(:


I am extremely aware these days of how my body feels when I'm anxious. I'm almost ALWAYS anxious, so it's pretty much a perpetual state for me (no wonder I get so many damn headaches).

When I'm anxious my whole body gets more rigid - I can feel every muscle tighten, especially my upper body muscles like my arms, shoulders, neck, etc. I often clamp my teeth together a bit hard. My breathing becomes a little shallower, and all my nerves feel like they're stretched tight. I feel like any second I may need to react to something negative.


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Same here headaches and rigidness in my body.
Does anyone think that something terrible will suddenly happen to them ? I get like a wave of panic when i think about this and need it to stop ! x


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I get too tense, my heart races, my hands tremble... I get nauseous sometimes. I get headaches very often too, but I don't know if that's because of anxiety or what.

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I start shaking, my face turns pink, I start sweating really bad, my voice quivers, and my mind turns blank. So you can already guess the grades I get on presentations at school.


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My head suddenly becomes a big red and sweat tomato, plus shaking and (sometimes) nausea


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hands trembling,racing heart,sweating,constantly looking around for no reason at all and some feeling in the stomach initiating the racing heart