What is your biggest problem, struggle with Social Anxiety?

What is your biggest problem, struggle with Social Anxiety?

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Please choose from the list what is your biggest problem, struggle with Social Anxiety.

I am very afraid of starting medication. A doctor wants me to start Lexa Pro medication.
I have also more struggles that I list below.
It is for me private and I don't want to say my name. I am reading the posts and start to think I am not very alone in this. it is a good feeling.

Please share your real think and don't be holding back because I didn't and I am ok with it.

Thank you very much
Thank you. It is very good for my feeling to read other member speaking about it without being shy.
Can you please show me other pages I read about other people's experiences and feelings?
I still haven't said yes to lexapro.


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Lexapro isnt bad, I was on it quite a few years ago and didnt have any bad experience with it, however it wasnt effective for me and I ended up changing to a different kind.


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I guess the biggest struggle is seeing other people feel so comfortable (or apparently comfortable) in social situations while I'm sitting there constantly examining every sentence I want to say and wondering if it's interesting/funny enough to say.


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in what way?
if you're misunderstood, all you have to do is explain yourself and that'll be fine.
It's nowhere near that simple. Usually, when I'm misunderstood, it's gone beyond a simple explanation by the time I even find out I've given the wrong impression. And a simple explanation doesn't do with people who don't understand what social anxiety or OCD really is about. Try telling the average person that the reason you behave in a particular way is because you have anxiety and you will likely get a blank look in response and or a belief that you're just weird. Try telling someone you have OCD and you'll get an answer like, "Oh yeah, I'm a little OCD too. I know this because a messy room drives me crazy" That's not understanding, that's jumping to conclusions based on prejudged notions. Lastly, you can't just explain yourself to people who are committed to not understanding you.


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Yes!! Some people won't understand or care if they don't have it but hopefully they'll learn and be more understanding. Sorry to hear that you're going through this.