What are your hobbies


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these are my hobbies
- listening to classical music at night
- going for walks in various right places like nature and seeing the nice trees, flowers, water, pond and birds, swan
- shop once in a while
- eating and drinking (lol) & going to a nice cafe to do so
- bike riding in the park which I haven't done in years (plz don't bike ride on the streets)
- travelling (not nowadays though, yet)
- talking about God frequently
- going on kids relaxing rides
- ice skating
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- Gardening
- Raising and caring for animals
- Cooking and baking
- Creating recipes
- Playing video games
- Collecting pokemon cards and graphic novels
- Photography (when I actually get the time to pursue)


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oh I forgot...
- karaoke &
- reading books like the Bible and Christian books and nutrition books were my hobbies when I wasn't on medication


Hie yer hence from me heath!
  • Playing the guitar (bass, electric and acoustic)
  • Playing the piano
  • Listening to and making music
  • Reading books
  • Collecting comic books
  • Drawing (Though I haven't done that in years)
  • Going to the cinema occasionally
  • Exercising and keeping myself in shape


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- writing
- playing with my pup
- listening to music
- watching reaction videos on YouTube
- bad horror films
- Twitter