What a pointless life

Sort of like my life, but with some differences:

Wake up.
Wish I had a job to go to.
Think about applying for any job.
Realize that no one will hire me and get ridiculously stressed out about all sorts of things.
Wish there was a way to get a job without having to go through many evaluations and not measuring up. A nagging fear of not being good enough seems to keep me from ever being good enough at anything.
Depressed about being alone and useless.
Go to sleep.
Back to needing a job, though hating socializing with people.
Not able to make friends with women. You know, that whole "afraid of not being good enough" thing again. Nothing against women, just against myself. For some reason I chase most of them away.
Stay home and feel like crap.

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Heh we're about the same...

So you see froghat there is always someone that can have it worse than you.
Wake up
go to work
feel unconfident and awkward around everyone at work
Can't wait to go home
come home
Depressed about being alone and not having a girlfriend
go to sleep
back to work hating socializing with people
Not able to make friends with women
gooooooo home and feel like crap

repeat over and over and over again until I die. I can' take this crap anymore. It all boils down to confidence. I have none and that just makes everything harder. I'm Fing socially retarded and there is no hope.


Goodnight, I need to be well rested for anoher sh*t day
I can really relate to this. There is no hope for our **** lives!


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I can really relate to this. There is no hope for our **** lives!
I take it from your other thread you do not mean this and you are trying to make some sort of point. If you don't have anything meaningful or encouraging to say to anyone then it's best you say nothing at all instead of playing games.


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There is hope if we want there to be hope.
hope is useless. It's hope that makes you miserable, because you always hope for completely unreachable goals.
btw no offence, but I've been reading your comments and I don't like your approach. Do you really think endless positivity and catchy oneliners are gonna solve anything?