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These are the set of rules for Socialphobiaworld:

1. Respect
No member shall show disrespect to others - no harassment, bullying, attacking, threatening or sniping (underhand remark or attack).

2. Content
Posts, mail messages, PMs, usernames, and avatars that may offend shall not be tolerated. Offensive content includes
excessive swearing, racism, homophobia, images of an adult nature and porn links.

3. Posts

Moderators, may at their discretion, edit or remove that are considered to be the following:
-purposefully disruptive
-"Your SA is not as bad as mine" posts
-armchair psychiatry (unqualified diagnosis and treatment)
-spam (advertising/selling/dating)
-encouraging crime
-encouraging suicide
-carrying on an *Closed thread* argument in a new thread

4.World Forum
This forum is a world forum, so members should respect each others religious and cultural differences

5.Personal information
A post should not include personal information about another member without their consent.

6. Favouritism
A poll or post that favours one member over another should not be posted.

7. PG-13 The forums are PG-13 rated, so bear this in mind when any content is posted. Medical issues in medical terms are obviously allowed but crude terminology will be deleted. Pictures of people semi clad (shirt off, underwear) are not allowed but a shot on a beach is OK as it is in keeping with the surrounding.

Disciplinary action

1. Warnings/bans will be documented with an PM or email sent to the offender
2. A single moderator can impose a 24-hour ban on the spot (for Red typed offences listed)
3. If a banned member returns under another name, another ban period will be imposed.
4. Three stikes and you are out rule is in place, after three warnings are given for lesser offences, the next warning will result in a one weeks ban.
5. 1 week bans requires agreement between 3 moderators after the documentation is examined.
6. A permanent ban requires unanimous agreement by all moderators. (Red typed offences listed can lead to permanent ban)


All moderators' decisions are final, and arguing over decisions will get you into further trouble.
On the spot bans and warnings (leading to permanent bans) will be issued where necessary and these are final.

If you have a problem with a moderator on the board, or a moderating decision, PM moderators and they will independantly
look into your complaint. Please provide a screenshot if there is abuse.
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it seems 8 people have voted "no" so far
but none of them 8 people was me! i always stick to the rules
**** THIS :D


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This poll will close on 12-10-2009 at 12:17 PM

only 2 days left


ooops, last day today

darn yank calender! confused me grrr
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I voted "No" purely & only over these two issues:

-"Your SA is not as bad as mine" posts
-armchair psychiatry (unqualified diagnosis and treatment)

Those two can be misconstrued & people (like me) can be banned or get a warning. If either ever happened to me, I'd have a panic attack & would never be able to come to this site again & I don't want to have to stop coming here. If I make a statement as to how SA effects me, I don't want it to be misconstrued as to me saying mine is worse than someone else's. I've had that happen to me in the past. &, with the second, when someone asks for advice & others give it, just about anyone who gives the advice can be misconstrued as trying to diagnose someone, etc. So those are the only reasons I voted "No." I completely agree with everything else.


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the "red type" marked offences are ban or warning, black type usually result in edit or delete (usually asking the OP to do this)

I get PMs about people complaining about the "mine is worse than yours" comments, they feel like they are made to feel like a fake or having thier condition belittled. You could put the arguement that people who say that could just be giving up and not trying hard enough, this would be as insulting to them.

No one can possibly live inside someone elses head and know who is worse. Or how brave we are by coping. I stand by that rule.

As for armchair psychiatry/doctor that is intended for those who tell others what drugs/therapy will cure them rather than just making suggestions, or those who experiment on others. Advice is one thing but unqualified diagnosis and treatment can be a dangerous matter, legally, physically, mentally and morally

I can add footnotes to the rules to make this clearer
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After being up for one week the poll is now closed

I will edit the new revised rules into the old rule posts

thanks for participating and all the feedback
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