Ups and Crashes


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I tend to feel depressed a lot. Sometimes I'm okay for a while and then I'll suddenly get depressed. It may or may not be for any particular reason. I go through a low point just about everyday. I might be fine most of the day but then I'll get depressed for a while. Sometimes it's brief. Sometimes it lasts most of the day. Sometimes it's worse than others. I can go through phases where I'm more or less okay for a few days or whatever, or more so depressed for a few days. Sometimes I'll be in a decent mood, maybe if I'm laughing at something or doing something fun. Overall though, my moods tend to vary between so-so and depressed.

But every once in a while, I'll get in a fairly good mood for no real reason. I'll turn on music and sing along. I'll get ambitious and do something productive. It's kinda weird to be happy over nothing. But it doesn't last long. Maybe a half hour, hour or two. And then I just crash. I suddenly feel kinda depressed again. I get real tired. It just hits me out of nowhere. I might switch to a more sad song. I won't feel like singing or listening to upbeat music anymore. It sucks if I'm in the middle of something that I kinda have to finish. Sometimes I'll start cleaning and I'll have things sprawled over my bed to sort, but then I have to finish what I'm doing and clear it off before I can lay down and relax or mope. Can anyone relate to this sort of thing?


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Hi.I feel pretty much the same,though when i start to get depressed i usually know what caused it to come on(even if it's a totally irrational thought).And i do get short periods when i feel great for no apparent reason,usually on a Monday morning,which is kind of ironic cause i hate Mondays:) Though most of the time i just feel depressed with short peeks of happiness,there is just no normal mood for me anymore::(:


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Yes I can totally relate to this.
I am so-so most of the time, sometimes really depressed, and then I get happy all of a sudden, feeling good, and soon I just feel sad and depressed again, usually not for any particular reason, just the same everlasting feeling that (my) life is empty and difficult.


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I can definitely relate. Although it's very rare, I sometimes get days where I feel absolutely great, no anxiety whatsoever, and I enjoy myself as much as I can. Then the next day, and sometimes it'll last for days, usually I'll get into a deep depressing flunk. It sucks, how hard I crash sometimes, but I try to just put up with it. I don't really know what else to even do except try to distract myself through music, internet, reading, whatever I can.


Sounds like me, yep. Today I've discovered I can be depressed and "up" at the same time (one of the symptoms of bipolar disorder, plus my biological father has it). I feel overly energetic, hyper I guess, for no particular reason, and yet there's a feeling of despair and emptiness in the background.


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Thanks all.

Today I've discovered I can be depressed and "up" at the same time (one of the symptoms of bipolar disorder, plus my biological father has it).
Yeah, I've heard that some people can have mixed episodes, where they have symptoms of mania, but feel depressed.