Trying to overcome my driving anxiety...


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My relationship with driving is deep rooted to an incident when I was 16 when I started a car too quickly and grazed the house wall which has never really left me.

Few starts to learning to drive here and there, stopping then found a good instructor then passed in 2009. Had no money, so couldn't buy a car then but did in 2012 but the car I got wasn't great and I jumped into its purchase bit too prematurely. I did drive it a few times, but had an embarrassing moment or two (once, I realised one of my lights wasn't working so told my mate I couldn't come out; second, tried reversing out from an acute position in the driveway and was so hapless that my brother in law had to come and rescue me - I tried to laugh it off but had a cry later). I never drove that car much after that and whenever I looked at it, it made me edgy.

I'm not a car bloke like many people my age are supposed to be. I wouldn't have a clue yet I'm willing and keen to learn more so I can become knowledgeable. Guess it's the perfectionist that I want to know more. (any resources/links be appreciated)

I'm leaning towards having a few refresher lessons to brush up on my maneuvers but advice on what sort of car to get. I was thinking a Toyota/VW - something reliable is all I want!

I do think I could drive OK but my confidence has taken a hit and my concentration on maneuvers and busy roundabout situations isn't great.



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Just after I got my license I had access to my sister's car for a long time, and I drove around in that. The only thing that saved my butt lots of times it had number plates from a place far away, and people were very gracious about this stranger in their midst.

It was a Ford, I ended up driving it for 15 years without any problems.

Good luck, the driving skill comes with experience.


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I got my driver's license about 5 months ago. I spent a long time wondering if I wouldn't be too anxious to drive. Now I'm very confident about it (except maybe for parking in tight spots) and enjoy it plenty.

My suggestion would be to let go of something that happened ages ago, and accept that mishaps happen when driving/attempting to drive. It doesn't mean you're a bad driver, it just means you're human. Brush it off with a smile and keep practicing. Anxiety is just practicing failure in advance.


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Keep practicing. I know it's easier said than done, but start small.
I hate driving. It gives me terrible anxiety. I have had my license for years, but never really drove because public transit was far more time efficient during rush hour.

My anxiety comes from loosing far too many loved ones in car accidents. It was overwhelming at first, but slowly I re-gained my confidence. Then , three weeks ago I was in an accident. I was a mess for over a week. I couldn't eat or sleep. The other driver made a left turn too soon and hit me. And although traumatic... I HAD to go to work the next day. My legs were stiff, I was shaking, just plain horrible. Any beeps or sirens would make my heart jump.

Its better now. And I hope it will continue to get better. Honestly, I completely understand driving anxiety. I can attest to building confidence as you continue to practice.

Don't let the fear keep you from driving, because being stuck is a far worse feeling.

If ever you need to vent, let me know.


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I hear you my friend. I just got my license a few months ago and I'm 20. I have such bad anxiety while driving, but it is also a good thing because I don't speed or break the road laws like a lot of people in my area. Hell even now I'm scared to get in a vehicle and drive, but I force myself to do it, because if I don't practice I'll never get over my anxiety of driving.