Therapist Sessions for Blushing

loads of things trigger me, like saying something wrong, being shouted at and even when other people get embarrassed i even blush. its ridiculous!!

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I actually never thought of the purple elephant while reading.. I basically didn't think of anything.. I wanted nothing, so my mind was blank, I just saw the darkness.. Is that weird?


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Today I kind of just explained to her more about my social anxiety/ blushing/ nervous rash


Hi there, new to the forum and and found you talking about blushing! I get a horrible rash down my neck and up the sides of my face(around ears) when nervous, embarrassed, flustered or even drunk... and have been to dermatologists and CBT who say it is blushing but it is not, it is a rash, and I was wondering if you know whether you have 'blushing' which I think of as red cheeks, or a rash which would be more noticeable?
I've been through similar CBT that you are describing here and got a bit fed up with the nonsense. The best thing I took for CBT was to put yourself in the situation that makes you anxious/gives you the rash. I originally went as I was used to bluffing my way around it, but I was starting my teaching course and was horrified at 1) teaching in front of kids in general with my anxiety and 2) that I would get said rash and they would point it out and laugh about it. Yes it happened a few times, but now since I'm used to the situation it hasn't happened in awhile.

How is your progress going?
Wow I havent looked at this thread in forever! It's been so long... I had to make a new screen name for now because I can't remember my password to SeptembersGold19.

Well, a lot has happened since I first posted this in 2010... now that I don't have health insurance anymore I can't get medicine...and coming off my medicine was all symptoms before x10! I'm like back at square 1 but even worse!

Slytherin88... I used to wear tutrleneck shirts all the time for the rash but if not I would take propanolol it helped a lot. I have both blushing and the rash/blotches... when I blush it's not really a "blush" but my entire face looking like it's about to freakin explode because it is so red.

I was doing so well before because I was on methadone maintenance for a long time and psych meds, now I'm not on anything I feel confined to my parent's house (not to mention the withdrawal from these psych meds are horrible!)

I am very fearful to even be around people right now, it is really debilitating. I used to tutor at my one of my old colleges and now I don't do anything! The rash will happen if my heart beats fast or if I'm in "panic mode." My ears will stay red too and the sides of my face. Mine goes on my neck to my chest and it's really noticeable! Tanning has helped it in the past too, or belly breathing. I was looking at what I wrote...and now I will try to do the grounding techniques that I was taught...but I find it difficult to do if I'm talking to someone face to face...because I cant just "put them on hold" so to speak and try to distract myself while thinking of my response to them at the same time...ya know??


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Slytherin88... I used to wear tutrleneck shirts all the time for the rash but if not I would take propanolol it helped a lot. I have both blushing and the rash/blotches... when I blush it's not really a "blush" but my entire face looking like it's about to freakin explode because it is so red.

I was subscribed prop****ol and didn't find it helped, the dermatologist was a foreign lady and didn't want to listen or look at the photos I had where the rash had ruined special occasions. Makeup doesn't work, I'm fair skinned so tanning and sun makes it worse. The main thing I've done is tried to put myself in the situation that made me rash up and then I'd get used to it and it has subsided. I can't think of an occurrence in the last 6 months so I am feeling lucky.. I don't mind blushing so much, when like embarrassed, but yes as you say, this isn't a blush, it is a full on rash up my neck and face.
Fun fact, there was an episode on Embarrassing Bodies (I don't know if you get there where you are) and there was a lady with it. She did CBT, and thats what got me into it, and what bought to light the SP/A.
Have you always had the rash, or has it just been in adulthood? I have only had it since I had glandular fever when I was 17, and had a reaction to an antibiotic, and since then that rash has come back when stressed/tipsy/angry/upset.
To be honest I started getting the rash around 16/17 as well but I have "blushed" for as far as I can remember. (I don't consider it's more like literally changing your skin color/race for short period of time multiple times a!) I have a tattoo on my back but it's not that big, so I noticed that the rash will go to my upper back/shoulder area as well. It has gotten worse as I got older. It will come on when I am angry, upset, and stressed as well. I also have really sensitive skin, if you touch me in the slightest, wherever you touch it will turn red. My ears turn red all the time too so I usually always wear my hair down and my hair is always long to go over my neck in case I get the rash.


There are a small number of researchers around the world who study blushing in order to understand it and help people who suffer erythrophobia. A really good book to go to in order to discover what is known currently is - Crozier, W. R., & de Jong, P. J. (Eds.). (2013). "The Psychological Significance of the Blush". Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. It will give a good overview on all the research by those researchers working in the field. In our university we are also working on research, with the current study (if you are interested) accessed via the Facebook page "Erythrophobia / érythrophobie".
Thanks for sharing:) I remember one day in a class that I was having the same problem, I overcame it because I aquired a crush on a guy from another class and so he was on my mind a lot and I was all giddy inside because I had a crush. I'm bringing this up to show how powerful the mind is and our thoughts. I think that finding a game or hobby might be a good thing to try. I'm currently looking for a hobby. Also, when I exercise every weekday morning for 15-30 minutes I seem to have less stressful days. I just realized that. I think that exercise is a way of letting your body relax or for you to breathe deeply. I keep hearing yoga is good. I'm going to try to get into it now.
Last thing, what if next time you are starting to feel uneasy you tell yourself Don't think about the purple elephant. I wonder if that thought will distract you. I'm going to try it too!