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  • To do the survey we need you to be over 17 years of age (just because we are only looking at blushing in adults for this study). Adults with erythrophobia, social anxiety, social phobia or adults without any anxieties or fears are invited to participate. In December 2014 we will post an on-line link to our findings.
    News articles on Professor Drummond’s past research:
    Fear of blushing brings on blush itself › News in Science (ABC Science)
    Gel could stop embarrassing blushes | SBS News
    Blushing Causes Embarrassment |
    If you want to find out more about our research you can email the group on [email protected] or visit us on our Facebook page (Erythrophobia / érythrophobie) and also check-out Professor Peter Drummond’s profile on the university website: Peter Drummond | Profile | Murdoch University in Perth Australia.
    My name is Sally & am a psychology student who is involved in researching fear of blushing (erythrophobia), social anxiety, and interventions that may reduce blushing. I am posting on this forum to find people interested in this topic who would like to participate by completing an online survey, which has Murdoch University ethics approval (004/2014). Our professor Peter Drummond has researched blushing for several decades & we are conducting lab research at the university, following up on his last project (New treatment to beat blushing | Murdoch University) & also researching underlying psychological reasons why some people who blush are more anxious about this than others.
    The survey is completely anonymous, will take about 30-40 minutes & can be accessed at this web address: WELCOME to the BLUSHING RESEARCH PROJECT
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