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  • I'm sorry you feel you've had that experience here. I haven't been here for too long so I can't speak on the subject. I truly don't believe that the responses on there were intentionally meant to be hostile. If there was one or two that were, it's unfair to categorize everyone here as a result. If you ever want to talk about your issues or emotions, my inbox is available. Again, just offering. If you do leave, I hope you find a haven that is better suited for you.
    Hey, jsyk you're welcome back to the thread at any point in time. Kiakaha had a question regarding Wendy O and I was interested as well. Take care
    hey Roman Legion, im checking Wendy O William's vids and read up about her after that quote you posted of her suicide note. Very inspiring person.. I can't believe i never heard of the Plasmatics or her. Thanks for sharing
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