the randumm nullness thread


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<random thoughting/ranting on your thread since you are gone>

ambitious people are about 95% the biggest most self centered a-holes in the world AND YET we are taught from birth to copy and idealize that way of being. I think this is why I am a chronic under achiever. I really dislike those humans and the fact they are worshiped by all of society makes me feel ill inside.
Also... everyone worships the God "Money". Hardly anyone has the balls to question anything anymore either and if Jesus forbid they DO they must be a paranoid conspiracy theorist. Get me outta the freak show! Teleport me to another galaxy where people don't exist.

I think about this all the time and the older I get the more I can see what a monster money truly is.

And I can't believe how everyone just pushes and pushes for some kind of reward. Turning themselves into mini-sociopaths just to get some extra dollars. Because when it comes to money in America, the means justify the ends. Leave a bunch of broken people in your wake? Who cares! But how much did you get?!

And you know what? THIS IS A RACE TO NOWHERE! All this work, all this narcissism, all this stress and 100 years from now we will all be worm food! Ummm, shouldn't we be living a little more slow and easy now? Wouldn't that be more wise?

And I see people all the time driving proudly in their spotless, leased SUVs like they have really made it! Like popping out a kid or three, getting a mortgage and leasing a car to drive to your mundane cubicle world is the apex of human existence! And nobody seems to stop to think, is there something else out there? Is there another way? No this is THE way! Anyone who does not choose THIS way simply has never grown up!

Money is also the last taboo in America. Try asking someone how much they have in their bank account and watch them get away from you as fast a they can. Many of these same people will think nothing of telling you the intimate details of their sex lives. This is because sex is worthless in America but money, well, money is everything!


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warm night
our feral skeletons ablaze in passion
midnight shades of azure our only covering
the rain means business now
but it can't stop these slow hands
hot hands
hot breath
hot lips that take time to linger
an amorous grain of odor in this midnight shadow
we shall find all this and more in our dark dance


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Stopped by the liquor store and picked up a bottle of bourbon and it is potent! 86 proof/43% alcohol. That might be child's play to a frat boy but for me it's strong. Tastes very good though. Probably the best I've tasted thus far. Lotsa flavor. But damn when I go to take a sip makes me eyes


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Yes, I struggled with this myself but my reasoning was that super good genes can usually be parlayed(woo woo...fancy fancy!) into money making opportunities(in other words, it open doors) whereas money can't buy good genes.
But what about the beauty of plastic surgery where anyone can look like a million bucks for a million bucks...not....

Parlayed LOL nice. :thumbup: