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Do you find talking on the phone easy, or does it just cause you more grief?

I find talking on the phone to be easier than talking in person, especially when it comes to business. Take today, for example. I called about private student loans, ordering textbooks, and even ordering a pizza. I found myself able to perform these with quite a bit of ease. I stuttered a little on some of the calls, but overall I thought I did okay.

So do you find talking on the phone to be easy, or hard? What are your experiences with it?
i find it incredibly hard to talk on the phone to someone i dont know. it takes a lot of mental preparation and even then i probably won't end up doing it.


Easier in person for me too. On the phone my timing is all screwed up. I either end up interrupting people or get that weird silence waiting for them to say something. Plus I always wonder about how they're reacting to what I'm saying. I guess I over think it lol.
Talking on the phone is probably my biggest hang-up... I talk to people much more easily in person. I think I like being able to read people's body language and facial expressions... plus the timing thing that someone already mentioned. Sometimes it's hard to hear over the phone, and I end up thinking that someone said "bye" when they were mumbling something else and I hang up on them prematurely... or a big thing at work is sometimes I have a problem being able to tell when the conversation is over, because people don't always say "bye" or something similar... so I end up waiting to hear a dial tone before I hang up just to be sure I haven't hung up on them. Even now, I have a bunch of phone calls (for appointments and things like that) that I've been procrastinating because I dread it so much, I might even just go to the places in person rather than calling. ::(:


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I don't do very well on the phone. I think I just feel even more pressure to think of something to say. I get past the "hi" and "how are you" and then just freeze up. Thank goodness for caller id!


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Sometimes if I feel unconfortable about making a phone call, I might write down exactly word by word what I am going to say when I call. I then briefly mentally role-play it out quietly to myself before I make the actual call...

In my written notes I also include the "what if" situations... just in case I encounter something I am less expecting to happen.

This usually works fine for me.
I find it easier to talk on the phone than to talk face to face with someone as long as i can force my self to answer the phone.That's the difficult part for me.A ringing phone is a nightmare.
There is txt msgs,msn,phone calls and face to face...i am only comfortable in the first 2 right now
I hate talking on the phone!!! For some odd reason I'd say it's easier to talk in person...Maybe because I can read body language and facial expressions.........hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
I find it much easier on the phone, because I don´t have to do with all this body language or eye contact or making the right impression and I feel safer because the person doesn´t see how badly I look.


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I am improving, but still... I get nervous and stutter my way through many conversations. All depends on my mind set. If I'm angry then I am much more fluid ect.


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Can't talk great on the phone I just end up not being able to say much and I don't make sense with what I am saying.
As long as I'm on either Addy or Ritalin, I'm okay/good at talking on the phone :)

Speaking of phones... my new iPhone 3GS just came in the mail, yAY!
hah. i hate talking on the phone!
i usually ignore calls if i dont know the number..., and I won't call back if they don't leave a message.
I ignore some of my friends too and just text them later...

Sometimes I pretend to be on the phone to avoid certain people/situations too.


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I prefer to talk to people in person. I very rarely use the phone these days, but it's something that I've just started to work on with my occupational therapist.

Awkward silences are a hundred times more noticeable on the phone, too...


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i had lot of trouble today :( ...i been having trouble with my new cell phone (Net10) ...transfered my number & minutes from old one to new one...well its been a disaster after disaster so far...two calls to customer service that took ages & i cant understand them cause they are foreign.... well my minutes & number got transfered but have no today i apparently am getting new number from what i could make out from the garbled english...but still have no service after all of that yet..& to top it off the phones battery cover wont latch since i purchased it over a week ago...asked about that last time but they werent concerned with it then...just said well we are working on your no service back in 24 hours./..well i waited 48 cause well I dont like calling :(

I will probly end up mailing the damn phone back to net10 & losing my minutes (650)in the process & just get a new one & start over.... I dont like talking to people I dont know on the phone at all..especialy foriegners or how ever you spell it...why do i, being in america bying an american cell phone service have to talk to someone from zimbabway (no offense)who just learned english last week? :( :(
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I hate using the phone,and try to avoid it wherever possible. I haven't rung anyone for ages and definitely prefer face to face. At work I occasionally have to answer the phone and it is always an ordeal. It doesn't help that on the phone I sound a lot like my dad and have to explain that I'm not who they think I am. Some people seem to take it as an insult.

I think I come across a bit too serious and unfriendly on the phone as well. I'm usually so nervous on the phone that I can't give off friendly vibes.

I charge my mobile phone about once a year, and never have it turned on.