Sweaty Butt before bowel movement?


Anyone out there get some perspiration near the "natal cleft" (butt crack) before they have to do number 2? This started about 12 months ago and I'm trying to figure out why this is going on and what to do for it.

driping jon

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no.not being played.i do get this as well.i find all is ok but you just have to go.thats the answer.regards to you


Ok....noticed I got some posts on whether Im a "TROLL" or not. I can assure you Im no damn troll. I honestly wish this was fake and I was making the whole thing up. About a year ago I had a nasty case of food poisoning. It caused all sorts of digestion issues. I had to take antibiotics for a while and I think it made things worse. Two Gastro spe******ts said that I have post-infectious IBS. Ive been a member of the IBS.org site for a while now but they mostly post about digestion related issues. Ive searched long and hard for people with similar issues. Believe it or not if you google "Sweaty butt before bowel movements" you will get a couple posts (from yrs ago) that have posted similar issues. I have actually tried to reach out to those people directly but had no luck. I met with a neurologist and he couldnt find any issues with me. I did have one Gastro say that when stool reaches my "sigmoid" colon it may be triggering nerves in this area (my butt) which is causing the sweating to begin. I can tell you that as soon as I go the sweating immediately stops. Its like shutting off a switch. Its absolutely driving me crazy. My problem is the excessive sweating wont stop until I go. THE REASON WHY I JOINED THIS SITE IS TO SEE IF ANYONE COULD PROVIDE SOME ADVICE. I had a derm inject some botox in this area but haven't had much success. I live in NJ and if anyone has any good hyperhidrosis Docs in this area then Im all ears. Im a 36-year old male, physically fit, and own my own business. I dont have time to waste to make a fake account and leave some bogus bullshit posting. Just looking for some advice. I know the "sweating" in this area is a symptom of a bigger problem related to my digestion (more specifically the nerves). I figured Id look for a fix for the sweating as I continue searching for answers. IM NOT A TROLL.....IM NOT A TROLL.....IM NOT A TROLL.


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Yes, yes, you sound legit. I don't think a troll would go through all this trouble. Sorry about that. I've had butt sweating most of my life. I'm sure this has something to do with your gut. I sometimes get severe itching on different parts of my body before a bowel movement and afterwards just disappears. I also have severe Fibromyalgia/CFS on top of HH.

The odds that a doctor will find the cause is slim. These days doctors will not take the time to truly investigate most problems.... even if you are in the hospital. Once you leave the doctor's office, you are forgotten. Dr's just don't have the time or the energy to investigate most issues. Not to sound negative, but It's something that you will might have to track down an answer on your own. It sucks.

They can do all the gastro testing in the world and the odds are it might be something you might have to just live with. Is this something that lasts for hours before a bowel movement or are we talking within the hour. Most of us on here that have butt sweating sweat to the degree of soaking our undergarments. I've learned to wear boxer shorts 50/50 poly cotton. Summertime is pure hell for us.

It's believed a lot of things are caused in the gut. Maybe in time it might correct itself? I'm 20+ years your age. I'm sure probiotics were recommended and then you have other people who will recommend herbs and supplements.

One topical solution might be to roll on some Certain Dri in that area if your body can handle it. I've known and know way too many people with mysterious gut issues. I do feel for you. And you are doing the right thing by reaching out.

Keep us informed if you get any new leads as to the cause.


Thanks Sprawling and I completely agree on your insights regarding Drs. I realize the only success I will have is on my own. When I met with the neurologist he was almost condescending in the way he spoke to me. He was like "This is a first for me and Ive been doing this for over 40 years." I wanted to pull out my phone and say "Here **** face" and show him the posts from people with similar issues. I simply thanked him for his time and figured the search continues. Ive dabbled around with so many supplements for my digestion issues. Ive spent a fortune on probitoics (different brands, strains, etc). The issue only starts when I first get the urge like I may need to go. The mornings for me are the worst because my bowel is in super overdrive. As soon as my eyes open and I get out of bed my colon starts to fire up and I know its time. I usually go 3 times every day between 5am-around mid-day. I go once when I wake. I then head to the gym and will usually go when I get back. I will have breakfast, shower, and then get started with my day. Its the 3rd one which is frustrating. Once I get the urge then the perspiring begins. The morning perspiring doesnt bother me because Im home or at the gym and its manageable. Im trying to learn everything there is to know about "sweat glands" and what triggers them. Obviously when stool reaches my colon something is triggering this response. The need to sweat immediately stops after I go. I guess I should feel fortunate that it doesnt continue. Its not debilitating like Im sure for others but its annoying me. I dont sweat excessively anywhere else. I have researched DRICLOR, SWEATBLOCK, and CERTAINDRI. They all have good reviews on AMAZON. I dont think any of these products state applying it in this area is ok but gonna try anyway. Anybody used either of these and have any good things. I read Aluminum Chlorohydrate is the best stuff out there for sweating. Will definitely try another round of BOTOX. Maybe my Derm didnt get the injections deep enough. Oh well....such is life... and I know it could always be worse.


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Like I said, gut issues are so tricky to treat. It all comes down to figuring out how to manage what we have and hopefully someday the problem will clear up. I've used Certain dri on the butt and groin area and has helped. It gets to a certain point I just don't care about it since I've been dealing with it for so many years.

I'm glad you are experimenting and hopefully things will either improve or you'll just do better at dealing with it. Probiotics did nothing for me also. It is what it is. Glad that you are at least functioning and living your life. Enjoy your holidays!

If something does end up working for you, be sure to come back to your posting and give us an update.


Hey Rcece, hope you're doing well.
Any updates on your condition?

I have another thread regarding generalized HH but experience the same issues as you have described in this thread.
For me it started literally over night, the need to go to the bathroom frequently and right away in the morning, which was totally out of norm. I was a one a day person and could "hold it" without a problem.
Now the frequency has stabilized, it's back to normal in fact but the sweating down there still precedes the bowel movement every time, as well as the need to pee.

Not sure about you but for me any kind of use of those muscles down there (before a bowel movement, lifting weights in the gym, being nervous/anxious and clenching those pelvic muscles) it all produces crotch/butt sweating .

Do you sweat there when you exercise?


Hi Sweatty,

Sorry I was busy with work/family life the past couple weeks so I didnt have a chance to respond. So the sweating still continues in that area. As soon as I get the sensation down there, I can feel some moisture starting. It never happens to be when I exercise and its never as "localized." Ive been using "CertainDri" which seems to help a tiny bit. Im careful not to put it anywhere near that sensitive territory of what I call my OFF LIMITS area. Its boggled my mind for about a year now. I know worrying about it doesnt help but would love to figure out a remedy for it. As soon as I go, the moisture completely stops. I've concluded it has something to do with my Autonomic Nervous System (maybe the Vagus Nerve). I guess Ill continue to for an answer.


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I was happy to search, find and read Rcece's post of December 15, 2016 as well as the other responses.

I am a male in my sixty-sixth year and began excess sweating when I was twelve years. I have intermittent sweaty head, neck, hands, **** area and feet, but my arm pits produce the most sweat and discomfort. I have spent the last few decades studying sweat and its relationship to the body and environment. Below is my layman's opinion.

There are many reasons to sweat: heat, embarrassment, exercise, sex, fever. My experience makes me think that some perspiration is connected to the function of the colon and the rectum.

I almost never sweat when asleep, only when I'm awake.

Before pooping, I first notice my hands are sweating between my fingers. Then my eyes feel watery with thick, mucus-mixed, thick tears. Phlegm starts to develop in the sinus areas in the back of my nose and throat, which I must clear often. As I get closer to defecation, my upper lip sweats, my palms are clammy and wet, and my **** and under arms really drip sweat excessively. I start to feel too warm and begin to sweat all over. When I'm done moving my bowels, all this sweating stops.

I have concluded that all this sweating is the result of my rectum filling up with poop. My theory is that Mother Nature wants a mammal to go outside to relieve it's self, so it makes the mammal feel too warm. The sweat cleans the skin and may encourage bathing. When the dirty deed is over, the mammal goes back inside to warm up. The sweat drys and the dirt flakes off the skin.

In my study of the digestive system, I realized that poop is mostly mucus mixed with some waste product like a booger. Mucus allows poop to slide through the colon more easily after the waste is desiccated (dried out or water withdrawn). Desiccation puts water and waste into the blood stream, which can cause perspiration. I believe my body sweats and produces mucus, so that my colon and rectum will be lubricated, but the rest of the body also produces the sweat and mucus at that same time in other places.

So it makes sense to me that after my pooping, I stop sweating. The problem is that my arm pits begin to sweat after approximately ten or twenty minutes. I believe this is because the colon only digests one days food at a time (my theory) and is empty only for a short time. When the rectum empties, in a few minutes after that, the food from the day before is injected very quickly (3 minutes) into the colon. That's when and why, I think, my under arm perspiration begins. When I'm constipated, I can stop sweating for longer.

This theory does not help me much, except that I try to only eat once per day to prevent more sweating. The trick is to allow your food to move as fast as your digestive track would prefer. I try to drink much water. I try to drink psyllium husk powder (Metamucil without sugar) and water at days end. I try to eat much fiber and less protein. I stay away from grain based foods.

As I get closer to bedtime, I usually stop sweating, so sweating also has something to do with the circadian rhythm and the sympathetic nervous system or was that the parasympathetic? It's complicated! I'm a layman.


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Hi everybody,

First, I apology for my long post and for my English (I'm French).

26 years old male, I have been suffering from butt sweating before bowel movement for almost 12 years now (I was 14 when it appeared).
Things got worse in 2014, so I started a serious medical investigation with some of the best doctors of Paris and there are many things that I'd like to share with you.
It's the first time I find recent posts of other people reporting the same weird pathology, it is almost exciting.

My main symptoms didn't change since the beginning: as soon as the need to go appears (even a slight feeling of full or "active" bowel), I start sweating from the butt. Important need to urinate also activates it (as well as important gas...).
The "source" of the sweating seems to be in the coccyx area, then it expands to the buttocks and testicles. The back of my thighs and knees is also moist, as well as my hands' palms.
I often sweat so much that it drenches my pants, which is awkward and very umcomfortable when it cools down in winter.
Other symptoms accompany the sweating, some of them systematically:
- I feel too warm, especially on the perineum, hands and feet
- Strange sensations of heat AND coldness in the same time which mostly follows the same pattern as the sweating but also goes down to the feet via the legs' back. Tingling accompanies it
- Important contraction of the dartos (testicles' muscle), like when you go into cold water
- Overactive bladder
- Abdominal pain/discomfort with shameful noises, etc. (classical IBS symptoms)
- Sometimes an important pain in the lower back
- Sometimes headaches
- More globally, I feel like if my energy was blocked somewhere between my guts and perineum

The more I need to go, the more my symptoms are important. So it is particularly active on mornings and after eating. Stress also worsens them, but it's not the cause.

As you all noticed, the only way to relieve is to go to the bathroom.
But in my case, even more important is to feel really empty after it. If I don't, the symptoms would go on. On the contrary, if I feel empty after, they disappear and I can start a normal day. Actually when I succeed I feel like a totally other person, light, energetic and dynamic.

Since I noticed the link between the bowel and my symptoms, I have organized my life around the "morning emptying", with a lot of technics which became real rituals year after year.
It used to work rather well until 2014. At this moment, for unknown reasons, the feeling of being empty disappeared and I started to feel like constipated, which was my biggest fear. I started to spend hours in the bathroom, a real nightmare.
I first thought about some sort of dyschezia and tried many things to relieve it, until an endoscopy revealed that my colon was empty even when I feel constipated...

Before 2014, doctors and I thought I had post-infectious IBS as, like you Rcece, I had a rather terrible food poisoning some months before the apparition of the pathology (btw some stupid doctors also claimed that my problem was psychologic, which is ridiculous and upset me a lot).
However, I quickly noticed that no one in the IBS forums reported such sweating. So I thought there must be something else.

And indeed when I start my deep medical investigation in 2014, one of the most renowned French neurologists immediately focused on my Autonomic nervous system. After finding an important **** hypertonia (yea, I let you imagine the horrible examinations...), he first thought about some lesion on my lower vertebras, but the examinations didn't reveal anything abnormal. Then I was tested for Dysautonomia but the results were again negative. He finally concluded that I had atypical dysautonomic symptoms, probably genetic, and that I had to live with them. Other doctors had the same conclusion. I got a neurostimulator but it didn't help.
In the same time, the two French IBS spe******ts confirmed that apart from abdominal pain and post-defecation relief, my symptoms were not typical of IBS at all.

So I was very depressed, when the physiotherapist I was sent to to relieve my hypertonia found that my coccyx had a 90 degrees angle!
A neurologist told me that on the front of the coccyx was the ganlion impar, part of the nervous system. Could it be crushed by my 90 degrees coccyx, hence the sweating and other nervous symptoms? The doctors found the hypothesis interesting and sent me to a specialized medical unit in Nantes. There, they found that my coccyx was also half-broken. Then I had a nerve block on the ganglion impar. I was very excited before, but unfortunately it didn't help at all. My symptoms were still there after the intervention. What a disappointment.
The doctors of the unit said there were other nerve blocks to try in other areas but I am still waiting.

Like you Rcece, I have always felt that something was triggered when my lower bowel (and bladder) isn't empty, activating the nervous symptoms.
The problem is that since 2014, this thing keeps being triggered even after the emptying.
What is this thing and why does it keep being triggered? That's the question.

When it comes to the causes of my pathology, there are many dubious things in my past:
- I had some minor digestive troubles during my childhood and teenage, but it was partly my fault. By this time, I used to retain bowel movements every morning while attending classes at middle school (it was pretty embarassing and stressful), then forced them at the evening to prepare the next day, even if I didn't feel the need to go (I had this stupid non-healthy "organization" since my childhood). According to one IBS spe******t, this broke down my body and explain my symptoms.
- I was quite athletic and had some violent falls which hurted my back while biking or playing judo. Not to mention the chaotic and dangerous kind of bodybuilding I practised alone (no warming up nor stretching, badly done exercices).
- I used to have a great pain in the area of the sacrum/coccyx while doing crunches on the hard grounds of gymnasiums, but I forced myself to go on so that not to appear weak in the eyes of the others. The pain was awful. Could it explain my dubious half-broken 90 degrees-angulated coccyx?
- Last but not least, at the age of 2, a vaccine gave me the Guillain-Barré syndrome, which affects the peripheral nervous system.
(There are other doubtful things I could mention but it would be too long).

Now, after 12 years of struggling alone, 3 years of persistent symptoms and 2 years of medical fails, I am tired and more depressed then ever.
Beside being terribly uncomfortable and awkward, this weird pathology simply destroyed every side of my life, from studies to girls. It stole my youth and future. I just want to go back in the past and get a new chance to grow up without this horrible bizarre thing.

However, I am still decided to find an explanation and a solution, and I hope that we could progress by sharing our experiences.
I found many other (and older) posts reporting our problem, on both French- and English-speaking forums. I am sure there is something to do.

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So is this butt sweating people are getting localized to the butt crack? Lately my actual a n u s feels like it's getting moist and I sometimes go the bathroom to wipe it just in case I'm "leaking" but it never is, it just feels moist. Is it possible to sweat around you butthole? I didn't even consider this until I saw this post. It's weird. It just started recenlty like in the past several months I'd say.

And no, unfortunatley I'm not trolling.


I am super excited that this post has received some good feedback. Ive been so busy with work that I haven't checked in a while. Rglide88 & Logos........thank you so much for your insightful theories and for sharing. I will post a more detailed reply towards the end of the week. I guess my profile doesn't have "email notifications" set up so I thought the thread went stagnate. LETS GET THIS FIGURED OUT.


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I Found The Answer!!!!
I had this problem where I would start to sweat profusely above and in the butt crack area, every time I felt the need to go #1 or 2. In addition to this problem, I started to have problems urinating, and defecating normally, which just made the sweating worse. After 2 years of dealing with increasingly worse symptoms, I finally went to my doctor and told him in detail about everything. He told me it was more than likely a problem with my endocrine system, and that the nerves down there, when not firing signals correctly, can cause these problems. He prescribed LIBRAX, Chlordiazepoxide-Clidinium, and after one day, the problems stopped. I'm 3 weeks in, and can say that this has SAVED MY LIFE!!!! Please, help yourself out and go see a doctor. Mention the thing about your endocrine system maybe being out of whack. Everyone's problems are specific to them, but I feel like after browsing the web, I haven't actually seen any sort of answer to this problem. If I can help one person with this post, it's worth it. Good luck, and remember that your health, mental and physical, is the most important thing to having a long, and happy life. I only registered on this site to post this message because I COMPLETELY understand how much this can affect your everyday life, and only hope that it might help someone.


Thanks for posting "JustwanttoHelp" and I'm glad you've had success with Librax. I guess I wish it was something other then a Benzo but pickers cant be choosers. I think most Benzos are highly addictive and withdrawal symptoms can be hell. Guess its worth a try but was really hoping for something more natural.


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Has anyone gotten any further here? I have the same problem, with sweat creating huge stains through pants.
I have just startet taking dridase, which usually helps people with extensive sweating, but it doesn't seem to help (maybe it reduces it a bit, but not enough to be comfortable wearing other types of pants than black jeans)


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It's a tough problem with no real solution. Is this a new problem for you ooodd or has this been ongoing for years?

As JustWantToHelp suggested it might require a trip to your doctor to rule out any new medical problems. If it's something you had for many years, unfortunately you may just have to live with it.

For me, butt sweating in general has been a problem for me since as long as I can remember and usually just during the hotter months. To me it has no relationship to bowel movements.