Sweaty Butt before bowel movement?


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I thought the thread died as I don't get any reply notification too.

There is some good news.

Concerning Librax, I've already tried it one year ago, but I stopped after a week as there was no relief at all (it just made me very tired by evening).
However I've just talked about your experience to my doctor, and she said that I had perhaps to try Librax for a longer time as I have suffered from this pathology for 12 years now (while it started 2 years ago in your case JustWantToHelp. Btw your symptoms are very similar to mine). So she made me a prescription for 1 month. I'll start tomorrow. I am just afraid it makes me constipated and/or sluggish.
She also prescribed me Amitriptyline at a light dose if Librax doesn't work. It has a good effect on the autonomic nervous system apparently.

Otherwise, the doctors decided to make me 3 more nerve blocks on the ganglion impar, with a 1 month interval between each. I'll get the first injection in September. If it doesn't help, I'll get nerve block in other areas.

And guess what I found when looking for more informations about ganglion impar nerve block?
That it was sometimes especially used to stop perineal hyperhydrosis! Many medical websites talk about it. You can check it.
It seems that I am on the good way.


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Dridase guys! I have had this exact problem for years, and after 4-5 days of Dridase, I am completely "cured". One pill every morning.


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For those of you not familiar, Dridase is Oxybutynin an oral medication that people also use to curb HH.


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Hi. I googled this situation and registered to reply. I'm a 46 yo male Latino...a bit overweight but generally good health. My *** crack sometimes sweats so much when I have to take a dump that I fear my **** has "leaked"...it's never the case. It doesn't always happen that my crack sweats...it happened last Friday and I realized this has gone on for years and years...so I decided to google it. I consider this completely normal and I am not bothered by it...just curious.