Should Reclusive People Have Pets?


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I had to put down my beloved cat this week. It was a stray that I had for 12 years. It was hanging around my backyard so I started feeding it and wondered if it had a home. It would not let me touch him. Eventually, he came to my back door and came in to eat then run outside again. It was summertime. One afternoon, there was a rainstorm and he came inside and did not leave. I called him Stormy. Days later, he allowed me to touch him.
We moved to a country house and he and my small dog became playmates. When I walked the dog, Stormy would follow us. A few years ago, I was working 12 hour days. I live alone. My dog started pooping in the house and Stormy developed an ear infection. A very expensive visit to the vet could not cure the ear and he tested positive for diabetes. During that time I was going to radiation therapy every morning after breast cancer surgery. My workload decreased but I would come home
exhausted. Sometimes, I could not take them for walks.
I could open the door and let them go out.
I wished I had a roommate or a friend who could help out.
I cursed my aloneness. Weeks ago, Stormy started vomiting and losing weight. He stopped eating on Monday and I took him to the vet the next day. I agreed to
end his suffering. I came home with an empty cat carrier.
That night it was difficult sleeping because Stormy usually slept on my chest.
I am alone in life and I can manage that but I think my pets have suffered because of it. I would like opinions.


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Absoutely they should have pets. What a lovely story about stormy was lucky to have found you you gave stormy a bette r life.


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Yes of course, but I think it's more about whether you'll take good care of the pet, not so much if you are a recluse or not. I know of people on both sides of the fence who are great with their pets and I know of those who aren't so good at it.

I lost one of my best pets ever, my dog, to brain cancer. Like you, I took him to the vet to get him put down.
As the Vet injected him with the stuff, with tears streaming down my face, my dog put his nose into my hand and nuzzled my palm as if he was saying goodbye. Then he put his head down on the table and went to sleep.

I look at it as my pet and I were very lucky to have been in each others life. We took care of each other.


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I sympathise. You're asking the wrong question though. It's whether or not you have time for your animals, not if you're a recluse or not. Working 12 hour days sounds pretty extreme to me so I understand why you didn't have much energy left when you got home.


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if you feel comfortable with your pet and you know how to take care of them well i don't see why you shouldn't have any.


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I blame myself for being the only person to make decisions that affected my cat's health. My aloneness
contributed to his sickness.


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you actually did a really great thing. you provided the cat with a life it may not have had if it hadn't found you. seriously! stormy could have passed away a lot younger living on the streets, its rough being feral. you provided a good life for that cat. well done you.


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We found a stray kitten last summer, so he is almost a year old now. My situation has changed, and I need to move out ASAP. I'm really struggling thinking of leaving him at this house, tbh I feel like that cat saved my life and I absolutely adore him. But at the same time it would be really unfair to make that cat into an apartment cats because he loves to explore outside and hunt.

Even though they don't really like him that much, I think it would have a much better life if I left him here instead of taking him with me to be miserable.