Scotland seceding from UK


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What are your thoughts?

Do you think Scotland would be shooting themselves in the foot if they were to secede?
I doubt they will secede, greed and nationalism will lose in the end, according to the bookies anyway. It's just a shame the UK government is putting so much time and resources into bribing them to stay when there are places in the country far worse off than them. The whole business has been divisive and stirred up alot of ill feeling, I think in the end everyone loses whatever the result.


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Are you over there? I don't know too much about the politics over there so I'm kind of surprised by this. It seems like a bratty stunt.

Cmon Scotland!

They're already free, they've got more political freedoms and privileges than people in England. Anyway, looks like no won, time to give them even more stuff to placate them while neglecting the rest of the UK.
you don't sound too happy there Tino

Meanwhile coming up to 100 years of independence for us :perfect:

We mourn every day that Ireland isn't still with us, personally I think when we bailed them out a few years ago there should have been some land in it for us


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I don't know much about the politics either, but it's a romantic thought that they would be able to make it on their own... but what do I know?
My great great grandpa was from Edinburgh, I wonder what he would have voted?


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I don't about the politics there either, but I am wondering what the people of Scotland feel. There can't be an absolute yes or no but I guess they will go with the majority. Are the results out ?