Religious debate

Strange that we in Australia ACTUALLY have laws that allow religious (in particular the christian faith) organizations to OPENLY discriminate against people who they think are gay.

Yet those same people cry like babies when mainstream Australia talks about changing those laws.
Whatever happened to 'love thy neighbor'? Or, 'forgive those who trespass against us'?

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I have always wondered about this myself.

Do Christians ever think "Well lots of people throughout the world, have prayed for God to help the starving kids in underdeveloped countries, for years and years and years and years..... So why are millions of kids still starving today"!? :idontknow:

Doesn't that plant a seed of doubt in their minds, about "the power of Prayer"? :thinking:
I once went to a mates house for dinner. We sat down to start the meal but no one started eating. My spidey senses started tingling.. something weird was about to happen.

'Lets say grace' says my friends dad. Me, being put on the spot held hands while the father waffled on about 'thank the lord for our daily bread' etc etc.

I had no idea my mates family was religious. He'd never mentioned it. So they all said 'amen' (I stayed silent) and we ate a nice meal.

My mate told me later he doesn't believe in god etc, but he just goes along with it to keep the peace with his mum and dad. 'What do you think' he asked me?

I told him I'd NEVER be invited into someones house and upset them by talking about my viewpoints on religion. They, invited me in. He was my mate. I wasn't ever going to embarrass him or his family.

I respected their household.

I just wonder if the same would have happened if I had invited them in and I made a small speech/reference to my beliefs before dinner?..


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My extended family (grandma and great aunts) always want to pray before meals, I just start eating anyway, now they often do a little prayer to themselves before eating because we often ignore it and eat anyway :giggle:

Must have been super awkward at a mates place though, I remember once I had a guy (who was drunk) ask me repeatedly why I didnt believe in god, and I started out with light answers then I started getting annoyed with his repeated askings so I said stuff along the lines of if there is a god he is either impotent or evil if he stands by and lets all these atrocities happen (I may have gotten a bit more in detail about said atrocities) and then the guy wandered off, 30 minutes later he had broken his cross necklace and was throwing it away and was an emotional mess coz he was having this sudden loss of faith.. Made things super awkward coz no one had noticed our debate so they were all wondering why he was suddenly crying and swearing off his beliefs and I was just standin gin the background like oh shit :eek:h::bigsmile:
A question to those who believe in the mainstream religions, or any religion for that matter.

I was watching the new season of Vikings tonight.

If I was to become religious and I chose the Viking god 'Thor' as my god, why would he be the wrong 'god' in your opinion?
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