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I'm 50/50 on cover songs. It all depends on the song, the artist, and whether it's an exact copy or a totally new rendition. True, there are few that are better than the original, but those that are tend to be truly great. For example, do you remember the original version of "Hey Joe" by The Leaves? Or the cover version by Jimi Hendrix? I've never even heard the original. "Hurt" by NIN basically became Johnny Cash's song with the version he did.

Didn't see this one posted, but I think I saw it on the sad songs thread. Originally by Tears for Fears:

YouTube - Mad World - Gary Jules

another one of my favorite covers, originally by Dr. Dre:

YouTube - Ben Folds - Myspace Gig - Bitches Ain't Shit

and one more, originally by Mr. Bob Dylan:

YouTube - Sam Bush
I think the instrumental version by Damien Rice and Lisa Hannigan is interesting compared to the rock version by The White Stripes.

YouTube - The White Stripes - 'Seven Nation Army'

YouTube - Damien Rice - Seven Nation Army

This one just makes me laugh. Jenny Owen Youngs is too cute for words.

YouTube - Nelly - Hot In Here (Official Music Video 720p HD) + Lyrics

YouTube - Jenny Owen Youngs - Hot In Herre [Official Music Video]

Obviously, no one can live up to Nirvana, but I think Amy Lee does an decent job. Or maybe I'm just sucked in because of her beautiful voice. Who knows.

YouTube - Nirvana - Heart Shaped Box live

YouTube - Evanescence - Heart Shaped Box