Phone Interview


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so i have a phone interview soon and im super nervous. im really awkward when talking on the phone, and can barely talk to my own relatives on the phone without being nervous. and ive never interviewed really before

anyone have any tips or advice about phone interviews? or interview in general? i have no idea what to do or what to expect:confused:


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I had a couple on the phone so here are my two cents :p

Make sure you're in a really quiet room that you're comfortable with speaking in. Print out a copy of your resume, write out some answers to sample questions that you think they might ask (try using this website: Glassdoor, from my experience interviewers tend to recycle at least one or two questions), make sure you research the company well and make sure you know why you want to work for them (specifically their company) and why you would be an asset for them. Dress comfortably and breathe, good luck! You'll do fine :D


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Act and dress as if it is a formal interview, clothes, shoes, makeup. Sit in a upright chair, pen and paper to take notes. The act of being professional will make you feel more professional, and act more professional on the phone.

(Two siblings of mine got foreign jobs after phone interviews.)

And good luck.


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well i have absolutely no idea how it went. the lady talked soooo fast and i felt as if i were on a speed interview where i had to answer as fast as i could. like the second i stopped talking, she started talking again. only lasted about 2 minutes and i had to go online and fill out a survey thing anyways >_<


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Ohh I hate those people who talk really fast on the phone,especially those that offer services on the phone,like ordering a pizza or support etc,I can't understand a damn word they say.