Online Dating: ratios

I've matched with a couple of ladies lately, I sent them a message to know more about their hobbies, I didn't get any replies so far, I don't know if this is common in dating apps. People matching, not replying, yet not unmatching. Are they just here to rake up matches or something?

Has anyone experienced the same?
I don't go to dating sites but I'm sorry to hear what's happening but hope things do get better.
Hello lily, nothing to be sorry about (-= , I appreciate you trying to comfort me :thumbup: .

It's just an experience I am willing to share, no feelings involved here yet.
Coming to think of it, people are maybe just doing that for the rush of dopamine to find out whom they've matched with, because some apps don't provide that feature unle$$ you pay them.


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Well I decided to end my subscription on Match for now. My subscription was going to end today so last week I decided to cut it off. I wasn't using Match .com or any dating app very much at all.

I'm not really sure what I'm going to do as far as dating goes. I'm doing better financially than i ever have been in the past so who knows. There are a lot of factors. There is a lot i could say right now but i don't feel like going through all of it.

Someone asked earlier how common it is for girls to not respond or flake and my answer to you is it's extremely common for women to not respond.

To give you an idea, the average guy who sends messages to women has about a 5% chance of getting a response from a first message he sends to a woman. Then actually maintaining a conversation, getting her number, texting or calling, and then getting a date.....the odds of that happening are far less than 5% per girl that you message.

I really felt like Match was worse than POF and okcupid. It seemed like because more of the women "had their stuff together in life" they were even pickier. I sent hundreds of messages on Match and i didn't get a single date. As i've said before, i am definitely not an ugly guy if you're wondering.


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After i've ended my subscription to Match. com, some really shady stuff has happened.

My account was maybe getting one girl per 2 weeks or so that would give me a "like" or "interest" on my profile when I was using my account.

Well all the sudden right after i cancel my subscription, I get 4 interests and likes within the course of about a week. Coincidence, i think not.

When i first signed up and was doing Match I remember a similar thing happening and when I clicked on the profiles of "interested" girls, sure enough, these girls didn't exist.

What I think Match is doing is extremely shady. I think they have people make fake profiles and then go around with the fake profiles when you first sign up or when you end your subscription and they use the fake profile to give you "intersests" and likes. I'm quite confident something like that is going on. I never received anywhere near that many likes when i was subscribed.

I guess this little fake profile works for them because most guys probably don't understand and they just assume the profiles are real that are liking their profile. To me, though, I see what's going on and this business practice they have going on shady as it's just a reminder how bad it is for men on these sites.....that they have to lie to you and give you fake likes just so you stay on their site because let's face it, even a decent looking guy like me has to message hundreds of women just to MAYBE get a date.


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It's gotten insane. If you read my above post, the post i just did, the SAME thing is happening.

On Match, which by the way i'm unsubscribed now, i keep getting these e-mails saying girls are interested. I'm getting at least 4 a week of girls that are "interested" it seems like. When i actually had the account I'd be lucky to get one per week that was interested.

I don't appreciate this kind of business practice. It's a sign of desperation on Match's part. It tells me that these dating sites, event he pay ones, aren't working out for most men at all. Why can't they just be straight up and be honest about real women? I think it's because the cold truth is real women (not fake profiles) are showing little to no interest in any men....that the online dating is extremely difficult for a guy to find someone.

I swear you's gotten worse over the last 3 years. it seems that way. It would almost make sense. The bigger these sites get, the larger the ratio of men-women i would think. So 6 guys to ever 1 woman could expand to 8 guys to every 1 woman. I'd like to see if what i'm throwing out there has any accuracy.

And be careful with "studies" that show men and women have it "equal." A LOT of studies out there will rig the studies to make things seem hunky dory by putting in a bunch of variables that put things in a certain gender's favor. there is a smart guy that has debunked a lot of these type of studies and he woke me up
Well ill say this about Dating sites i used to run a dating site and the ratio was like 70% males and only 30% females ... and these days dating sites are only after one thing ur money for there memberships to send messages to fake profiles .....