One quality your proud of.


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i'm proud of my witty sense of humor, and my artistic abilities. I'm also proud that the lord blesses me each and every day. Whether i see those blessings or not. I know they are there.

oops that's three not 1... never said i could count.
Boundless said:
Yay im not alone,some one else has no pride in them selves! and it sucks >.<
cant belive there isnt one thing im proud of..
I had to tell you this: I was just like that some years ago. I just couldn't find anything good in myself but just being a "nice guy" -wich is often not so good- so I was in despair. But as years went by and I made great efforts to get over it, I found out I do have some very good things in myself (many of which you guys and girls have already said here): honesty, concience (of onself and of others), being careful, ability to make others laugh (sometimes at me too :( ), intelligence, good humor sense, being fair, being educated, being tender... and of course most important: being a good person. There are surely others I just can't think of right now.
Sure you have many of these attributes too.
Pearl said:
I'm fairly determined, wish it would help me overcome social phobia
Yes. Determination is a good thing too. I found I had determination when I gave up smoking and started doing exercise instead.

MErcy is another of my good things.

And others I forgot in the previous post are: independence, ability to make friends where ever I go (not usual in SP is it?), ability to be friend to lots of girls (but never get one girlfriend :cry: ), physical strength, being valiant... uh I'm starting to gget in the other side... soon I'll identificate more virtues than defects in myself :D .


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I'm proud of my strength to fight my SP and especially depression for as long as I can remember. I think that many others would have just given up and thought of them self as defeted.

You got to be strong to fight it, so everyone here should be proud of that, real proud 8) We are brave warriors and we will finally win this long lasting battle, victory awaits us...
I'm proud that I got soccer captain - imagine the "mute kid" getting a leadership role by an overwhelming majority.

And I'm also proud that I got all-league in soccer as a junior. SA pride.
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Being able to write with my left hand is a quality I'm proud of. Unfortunately, that's outweighed by the fact that I can't write with my right hand. :?


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A good quality eh? hmm, i can read people good for most the time, and can take a real unique/wild approach in terms of conversing with the opposite sex especially. I'll often challenge girls to an analytical dual . . . hard to explain, i just often come up with really random, yet worthwhile ideas or point of views. I seriously have an answer to everything (when brought up in convo especially with a girl).


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i stay rational when everyone else isn't. if I'm being irrational i recognize it almost immediately. i'm honest and trustworthy and i love cheering people up.


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I like to think i can cheer people up but i'm probably just annoying them lol.........meh at least that'll probs take their mind off it haha