Name 5 things you're afraid of


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I also do dread of becoming old. The thought of losing my hair/teeth, growing wrinkles, having back pain, and not being able to walk frightens me. I look at photos of other people that show you how what they looked like back then and how old they look now. It's scary. Not only that, but living in an elderly day care with other elderly people I don't know. My grandmother had to put up with those people every single day in the hospital until she died. That was basically her home(because she couldn't walk and on top of having alzheimers). :(
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People not liking me, being humiliated, being betrayed, not being able to find a partner that deeply loves me, parents dying.
Driving in a car with someone in the passenger seat.
It doesn't scare me but I agree this is an annoyance.

1- Sharks
2- Lost containers at sea
3- Networking
4- Realizing on my death bed that I did everything completely wrong
5- Hearing "hey guys we just found the way to travel back in time!" when I'm about to die