Job ideas for right after high school that are interesting

Hi there, i was wondering if anyone has any ideas of jobs that you can get right out of high school that doesn't involve too much customer service and if you had to tell someone what you did it wouldn't sound to lame. I've read some of the other threads consisting of this sort of question but i see jobs like mailman and truck driver. I was hoping someone would have an idea of a job that telling someone what you did would be cool and exciting.

P.S. I'm not saying that those jobs are lame they just don't sound that impressive if you catch my drift. :shyness:
Fisherman, sailor or cook on a cruising ship, broken artist, street musician, uninspired writer, self-educated programmer.

I also had all these great ideas that would require you to overcome your social phobia a little: working in a ski station (you can become ski instructor), working in a climbing gym or standard gym (same as ski station, you can teach or coach if you get good enough), working in a diving shop and pile money to get your PADI and become an instructor.


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Maybe you can look into intern programs. Most businesses welcome interns and it will give you good experience. I'm not sure what you're interested in, just that you don't want customer service but you can pretty much find an internship in any field that interests you. It's also a good way to get your foot in the door, provided you do a good job, and can lead to permanent employment.
I think at first you should have some serious hobbies. And then you can think something, some ways to make business from that or find other ways to get money... You know, your job might sound like "woah, you're training dragons?" but you might actually hate that job.