I Hate Men.


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I am a 28 year old single woman who usually forgets to think of remember my views on feminism even if it’s extreme and not a feminist view.

I hate men. They are inconsiderate . Hateful. Disgusting and mean towards me. They are hateful even if I avoid them all together. They think I know who they are.
They aren't allowed to talk to me.
I didn't do anything about it throughout childhood because I didn't see it as fair to myself to have to figure out how to stop them from being near me.
They call me a lesbian because I don’t want them back. So Fuck you all men.
Men are not important to me.
I avoid men. Driving, working, school, and going outside. I was born to 2 parents, my dad was the only man in the family, he committed suicide when I was 3. Throughout school I had trouble talking and felt disrupted. I’m glad I’m in a male free world but I work hard to get there everyday, to live on my own farm.

I don’t talk to them, I steal in front of male cops, and take the bus for free. For me. One day I was going to fly a plane for free without a passport but thought it was too far .
And my life alone. I m happy to be living on my own after I move away .

My background is tamil and my family is Sri lankan. I had a boyfriend when my sister brought her boyfriend to visit because I had problems with him I tried to make things easier for me. I was destroyed by all men. For not doing anything. It’s normal for me. I am not having children because it could be a male child.

I don’t have people to connect to but it’s a part of my normal life.

I am a Hindu and don’t follow any new religions in case it involves contact with a man. I also got raped (on purpose) because I was forced to be near my male nephews but didn’t have any other options. It made it okay.

Thanks for reading my post. I live in canada and making plans to live in Sri Lanka.
If my family tries to arrange me or trick me I would kill the person for myself to b safe.

I also hate white men, I didn't realize it until now. My family makes contact with them, and they begin to hate on me. But I know it's temporary since I normally don't make contact with them. And I don't plan to live here forever and trying to leave. They ve also bullied me severely for my mom and sister. I found them to be crossing a line. I hate them the most but not for the same reasons as people say.

I'm making some arrangements to live in the east... On my own farm. I hope I make it. I've been in Denmark from birth to 7 and in Canada from 7 till now. I went there to Sri Lanka in 2012. I wish I stayed there. But hope I can return safely.
... I'm from the tamil origin and have lots to do before I settle there. Really excited.
Um... I lost contact with people for some reason so I don't really mean this.
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I'm seeing good advice in this thread.

Nobody who makes a thread like this wants, or will heed, advice. They want sympathy and agreement.

This is a grown woman, near 30. She's made her decisions. Everyone gets shit on by other people. Whether we choose to react to that by shitting on other people ourselves is a test of character, a test which most people simply fail. Much of the suffering in the world is a result of person A being hurt by person B and deciding to take revenge on the world by hurting person C in return, continuing in infinite cycle. It's emotion acting without reference to logic and it's a basic part of human nature. If she's going to justify theft, murder, and who knows what else perpetrated on innocent people by the explanation that...men are bad...there's no stopping her.
As easy and instinctive lumping everyone together might feel, it's rarely a rational choice.
I know how good and tempting it feels to let your emotions and personal experience dictate your behavior and outlook, but thankfully there are exceptions to everything, wonderful people exist, they're the ones making us regret holding such views, regardless of how justified they may be.
It's sad that a handful of people can smear their peers' reputation.

As a man, I hesitated between giving my input or not.
If this can make it easier to take their advice — you can pretend that other male posters out here are just a bunch of pixels.
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As soon as you make a statement that encompasses all of something, you're already on the wrong track. Not all men will treat you the way you've been treated. Seek counseling. It'll be beneficial. And yes, even if the counselor is a male.