I feel like I am being made fun of...

I am annoyed because I am in a group for a project I am doing. I go to an art school and I am with three other girls and they laugh at me a lot. I just annoyed and it hurts. They just laugh at me and sometimes I laugh with them to fit in and other times I don't. But they don't laugh at each other I just feel like I am the one always getting laughed at. I think its because they think they are better than me or something. They laughed at me ones because I did something they didn't understand or something and they said what drugs is she on and it just hurt me and I just laughed with them. Other times they laugh at me when I don't understand what they are asking right away they just see me staring and Im trying to figure it out in my head. I also have this issue where I get flash backs of certain incidents that have happened to me sometimes little ones that really bother me and sometimes really scary ones that I just don't want to remember... Anyways I just strongly dislike when I get laughed at its just makes me feel terrible. :/ I am trying to find support thats all. Thanks.


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Hi queenhelena and welcome to a great forum with really supportive and understanding people. First, I'm sorry you have to deal with that. Nobody wants to be laughed at for somebody else's amusement. I used to have that same problem and still do at times. The difference between now and then is that I don't try to fit in with people like that anymore. You have to figure out if you really want those types of people as friends. I'm betting if you really look deep down, the answer will be No. You don't sound like a mean person but those other girls sound like they are. Once you realize those people have no real value to you, I think their attempts to make you their doormat/psychological punching bag won't hurt so much. It's a shame that you have to work with them in your group but once the project is over, please try to distance yourself from them as much as you can. You don't need them, they need you as somebody to make themselves feel better. Trust me, the opinions and actions of toxic people like them are not worth feeling hurt over.


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I really know the feeling and I truly can relate. If you can just ignore them or avoid them because obviously they don't do you any good. And the sad thing is I use to be in a group of people who I thought was my friends. They always make fun of this one girl in my class because of being different. And I didn't agree with them. In the end they kick me out of the group and they ignore me. I'm better off without them anyway.
Oh no I never thought of them as friends. I mean I deserve way better than them. I just thought that if I laughed with them they would stop picking on me and also I did that because I just didn't want them to see me hurting for what they did.


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Im so sorry
I hate hearing this type of thing
I wanna say ignore them but thats impossible
I wanna say fight back
But there too many of them

Just please believe in yourself
And know their behavior is whats bad NOT YOURS

I wanna say spill something on the one with the biggest mouth
And then say oh im sorry i just lose self control sometimes
Kind of like you
Hang in there you
This too shall pass


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If you were a guy I wouldve said that it's normal so try to make fun at them back (jokingly)

As a girl, maybe try the same? Just teasing a bit