I Can't Get a Job


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Well I can but I don't want to be in Sales. I been feeling positive and been applying at places but I'm not aggressive about it, I feel dumb like I'm hassling these people if I call them constantly about it. If I get an interview I struggle trying to explain why I haven't worked in 6 months, all I can say is I've done odd jobs working for my brother doing tile work and that is true but I can't prove it. What do you think are the best jobs to get for people like us?


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I'm in the same boat. I've been living off odd jobs for months. I'd take anything at this point, except sales. It's more like a waiting game at this point. Waiting for the economy to improve so jobs open up and I have more options.


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I know what you mean but I can't wait anymore people are hiring atleast for the holidays. off topic but I just got a call and I picked it up becuase I thought maybe it would be a job and it was some boxing class trying to get me to sign up and come in for 1 free class, I said I would go but I doubt I will. They caught me off guard and kept saying it's free, I don't know how these places get my number.


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I've been unemployed for for 5 months as well. But I just started working at Wal-Mart in the bakery for a week now, lol. When I got interviewed they didn't ask why I had so many gaps in my employment history. And even if they would've asked, I just would've explained that I was unable to find work and that I was in school (full-time) part of the time. I guess it also depends on what kind of job you're applying for. Some employers don't really care. But I like working in the bakery. I don't have to constantly deal with customers. But I still have to mingle with my co-workers.

The only job that I would NOT recommend is a job as a waitor/waitress, lol. Because your income depends on how well you interact with customers. But I know what you mean about being afraid to actually go out and look for a job. I was the same way. But then I got tired of being broke, lol. I wanna move outta my parents' house. But I can't do that with no job, lol. So that was kinda my motivation.
I'm jealous... I want to work in a bakery.

Anyway, I can't get a job either. I don't really have any work experience, so I don't know what sort of job I can do. And I'm terrible with interviews.


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I've never had a job in my entire life lol. That's definitely not easy to explain on an application, muchless an interview. I only had one job interview, during the summer, & the lady didn't even ask about my lack of work history, though I'm sure that's a huge reason I didn't get the job. It was an online application & if it hadn't been, I wouldn't have even gotten an interview, I'm sure.


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The only job that I would NOT recommend is a job as a waitor/waitress, lol. Because your income depends on how well you interact with customers.
Ain't that the truth! I wait table and I'll be the first to say - whether or not they realize it, people do NOT tip based solely on the service. It doesn't matter how fast I deliver the food, how attentive I am, how knowledgeable I am, it all comes down to charisma. People basically pay for a friend, not a waitress/waiter. People tip more to the person who is funny, smiley, happy, and talkative. My tips are pretty good, don't get me wrong. I'm not saying quiet servers get horrible tips, I'm just saying, I don't earn as much as my more sociable coworkers.
Those package handling jobs, ie: fedex, UPS. Those are always hiring, i got my first job there. I did crap at the interview, but the guy said he'll give me a chance if i'll take it. So i said i'll give it a chance. They're always hiring....


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Yeah I'm just gonna get another warehouse type job I don't care even if it's mindless work and get yelled at by psycho bosses, I don't really care lol.
sigh, I'm still have yet to be employed. I've applied to a few places online, but no responses yet. =[ Maybe you can be a delivery guy of some sort, like for UPS or something. At least there your able to be alone in a truck all day/