Hyperhidrosis Remedies and information

What remedy have you found most successful for hyperhidrosis?

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Thanks Pinker for making so much information available!

I am planning to try Secure wipes and Robinul/Avert. I have HH in my underarms but occasionally my hands and feet. I've tried various topicals like DriClor and Odaban, which work only once and then are completely useless.

On the pharmacy.ca site, it says they may need prescriptions for prescription items. But I can't tell if either Avert or Secure wipes are prescription. It lets met get all the way to the page where I enter in my address/billing information without any kind of notice or warning that a prescription is required.

Also, I'm in America.... can I assume there won't be any problems ordering? The site will convert my order to American dollars and charge my card appropriately?

I was planning on trying both the Avert and wipes, and first try wipes only, and if that didn't work well enough, the Avert and then a wipes as neccessary. I was thinking starting at 2% for each.

I have an appointment w/ a Dermatologist next week, and was thinking of postponing it until I could try the Secure/Avert... if I could get them and they worked I'd cancel... if I can't get them w/o a prescription I'd keep it so I could order them from there or somewhere in the US.

Anyone have any idea how much botox injections cost? Even a rough estimate range... I haven't found anyone that can even give a best guess/experienced price range...


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Hi JAH 46

Avert/Secure are non-prescription. I live in the Canadian city where pharmacy.ca has its actual pharmacy, so I just go there--but I know many Americans on this forum seem to order from them.

They're the same as Robinul, though--so if you're seeing your doctor AND can get a prescription for Robinul through him/her, that would obviously be best.

pharmacy.ca can be a good source of information too, so if you have questions you can e-mail them and they'll get back--whether you order or not. Good luck!


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Hello Everyone,some quick notes on sweating from the forhead

Hi there,

Im new to this forum, but hope I can help contribute.
Without getting into detailed past of different products I have tried for my hyperhidrosis, I have for the last year been using a product called (Secure topical glycopyrrolate 1.5%) I have not been able to find this product anywhere but buying online from a CANADIAN pharmacy, and being im in southern CA i dont know what the exact laws are on this, but I have not had any problems so far.
The topical formula come in a small sealed cylindar with about 50 or so wipes in it. The wipes look just like those acne, face cleaning wipes you buy at the pharmacy. They usually last me about 3 months before i need to order more. I will order more when i have about 10 wipes left becuase it takes about a week and a half to get to me.
I have been very pleased with the outcome of these, not 100% perfect but i have not seen anything better out there.
I have a couple questions though, even if you have not used them you may be able to help me out. So im not any sorts of doctor but my commense sense as a 27 year old tells me that if you use a product of the same kind for a long period of time to treat something that your body will learn how to become immune to it eventually? I dont know if this is true with our sweat glands on our face but what i have been doing is only using the wipes when i have to. If i know im not going to be in any kind of uncomfortable social environment for a week or so i wont take them for a week, but if i know i have something coming up i will make sure to start using the wipes abotu 3 or 4 days before. The problem i run into is the days when im not using the wipes and unexpectedly im thown into a social environment that makes me sweat. So my dilema is do i just use the wipes non stop all the time, or will my swat glands become immune to the wipes? any advice will help me. They do sell different potencies of the product, it comes i 1%, 1.5%, 2% and i think a 3%. i currently use a 1.5% but what happens when i have to start getting a stronger and stronger dosage, well i think you get my point.
So any advice on this will really help.
Also Im here to talk to if anyone wants to share stories, remedies, advice, questions, this has not been an easy thing to go through, I started getting my sweat really noticabbly just over the last 2 years, im 27 years old, and a producer in Hollywood, where I need to travel and do interviews with movie stars and go to set visits and do interviews with directors and such, so you can imagine what im going through trying to keep myself from sweating when im sitting down in that chair.
Im here to help with whatever i can.
please feel free to email me at [email protected], name your subject line "sweating" so i know your email is not spam.
I will keep up with this forum whenever i can as well.
Thanks Social Phobia World for giving us a meeting point.

Talk to everyone soon,

Justin/ Long Beach CA


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Secure wipes on hands?

Has anyone tried secure wipes on hands?
and if so have they worked well?
please reply, i hate living with palmarhydrosis its horrible :(


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Natty H

-I'd try the Secure wipes first, before going to the expense of the machine.

I don't know why they wouldn't work--they were certainly really good for me on face and forehead.

I think you can get a trial size. If that's not the answer for you, it's good to know there's the packup of machine and glycco solution.


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Guys also read about another topical lotion called NEAT Feat Face Saver. Saw it on another forum. Anyone used it or know much about it?


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Natty H

-I'd try the Secure wipes first, before going to the expense of the machine.

I don't know why they wouldn't work--they were certainly really good for me on face and forehead.

I think you can get a trial size. If that's not the answer for you, it's good to know there's the packup of machine and glycco solution.

I already tried iontopheresis at the hospital, i did the 5 day treatment which is meant to show if it works or not...it didnt :( Ill try the secure wipes, if they dont work....im stuck with this for life :( :( :(

Thanks for the reply :D


I have just received my Idostar machine. I plan to treat the hand and foot on one side, then the other side. Do I need to switch the trays or the polar before moving on the other side??? or should I just follow the instruction leaflet?

I would appreciate any help. :D


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I have just received my Idostar machine. I plan to treat the hand and foot on one side, then the other side. Do I need to switch the trays or the polar before moving on the other side??? or should I just follow the instruction leaflet?

I would appreciate any help. :D

Eh I dont understand your quiestion proberly.
But I use idrostar.

First I take 10 min on first polarity,then slow down the mA to zero.Then, switch the polaraty down.Turn the mA up again,then 10 minuts again..I personaly after some experience use between 10-13 mA.I had better result whit 10-13 mA ,then when I took 18-20 mA. In the beginning I tought for myself that the higher mA was the better.For me this was wrong!

So 20 min total on right side hand/foot.

After that I move my chair to the other side of the trays and do the same as explained over! 20 min here to,and 40 min total hands/feet.Final!!Done!!

That means that booth my hands is treated in the same tray,and booth feet is treated in the same tray.
And I sit an watch tv/movie in the mean time:)

I have also noticed that some go to the spring and tap water.I only fill up a bucket of water.Take it in to my living room and fill the trays up.When I am done,I fill the bucket whit the water from the trays back again, and go out to the bathroom and trow it out.

Do not run forward and backwards whit the trays.

Hope I understood and answered your quiestion?:)


Hi everyone,

Just found this forum but I've had HH all my life. With Spring/Summer around the corner, I'm starting to think about it a lot more. Today I decided to wear non absorbant shoes without socks and am sitting at my desk regretting it. A winter of socks and boots made me forget how bad it gets. Wondering if my coworkers can smell my feet. Ugh.

I have plantar, palmar, axillary, and a bit of groin sweating. I'd say it's moderate to severe. I've been on Robinul Forte 2mg twice a day before, but the side effects drove me crazy. I now have no insurance and am considering giving it another go, and was wondering if it'll be okay to order from Avert pharmacy.ca and have it shipped to New York. I cannot afford to see a doctor here and pay for a name brand pill. I was considering ordering the trial size of Avert, giving it a go for a month, and possibly combining it with something like Odaban. I know I tried a roll on product without success in my teens (I'm 24 now) but I don't remember what it was.

Wish I could try Botox but with the cost, it's pretty much not an option. Same for the scary sounding surgery that my mother said no to years back.

Anyway, happy to find this forum. Everything you read says millions have this but I swear I never meet anyone who does. Not like me, at least.


I have Palmoplantar hyperhidrosis.
I hate shaking hands and I have to change my socks many times daily. My underarms though, are pretty normal. Ive used drysol but it causes my fingers to burn and hurt. I was wondering what the best topical treatment for hands and feet is that people have used. I just ordered Odaban, after reading some posts. Does that work for hands and feet and not burn as much?


First I must say thanks to everyone on this forum for sharing their experience and solutions. It has been a great help and really has helped changed my life. I have been suffering from HH for most of my life first with mild cases of hands/feet HH. About 3 years ago that changed and I started suffering from facial, underarms, feet/hands HH. It made it impossible for me in social situations, Everything I tried, or I should say the Doctors tried just didn’t work. I have been reading this site for about 2 months and was a skeptic at first didn’t thing anything would work and it seems like my HH was getting worst as I started getting anxiety attacks because of my fear of constant sweating. I became socially reclusive and it made my job extremely difficult. I decided to try odaban for facial HH and I am happy to say it has been about 1wk with no sweating. I even went to baseball game which usually social situations where there is a ton of people was a no go for me. I was extremely happy when I didn’t even sweat when I because really anxious standing in line. Odaban also worked for my underarms.
I then decided to try Iontophoresis for my hands just to see if it would work, I went with the homemade setup. After about 5 days I notice no difference except right after the treatment but a few hours later the sweating came back sometimes extremely. On the 5th day I was force to stop as I cut my finger and couldn’t do the treatment. After waiting about 3 days I notice something odd while I was waiting to start treatment again the sweating was very mild. Mild enough where I would wipe my hands a few times and I was ok instead of the constant dripping. I found it odd as I saw no progress during treatment. After my finger healed I started treatment again and after just one treatment the sweating had stopped. WOW I can’t explain it but I am SOOOO happy. It’s been about 4 days without treatment and no sweating in my hands. I will wait about a week to see how it goes before I start on my feet. I have read on here so many times of how people said these treatments changed their life and usually thought wow how lucky, but just felt it wouldn’t work for me. If you are reading this give it a try it has really changed my life. I feel I can live with my HH and have it under control and still have a social life. Thanks again to everyone that contributed to this forum.
By the way when I decided to give some of the treatments mentioned on here a try I ordered a bunch of different things at the same time expecting them to fail. Being that odaban worked for me, I now have the secure wipes and dysol but don’t even need to try them. Maybe they work but don’t think I will need them now.

long post I know :)


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Great site and outstanding thread. Thanks for posting it. I'd like to add another website to the list that a fellow hyperhidrosis sufferer and I launched recently. It's called BeatSweat.com. Fortunately, there's a lot more information out there now than when I first found out about HH. Likewise, the media and other groups are beginning to pay more attention to HH and those who deal with it, which is great. So I hope you'll visit us from time to time. Feel free to drop a line too if you want.

It's been awhile since I've been a part of a group like this, mainly because I've found an effective treatment for my palmar hyperhidrosis. Not sure how many of you have tried it, but Dehydral has been a life-saver for me. I really have no idea what I would do without it. I've tried almost everything you can think of over the years to deal with my sweating. Some treatments didn't work at all, while others worked well (oral meds) but caused too many side effects. I had pretty good results with botox, too, but my insurance doesn't cover it so I don't get it done anymore.


where can I get odaban in australia? buying online is easiest for me, on ebay it was about $20 for 30ml is that the regular price?


Has anyone ever tried Hydrosal Gel? I was wondering about botox and came across this gel which is apparently is an alternative to botox for most people.


Hi, I've been using the driclor for about 3 years now and it has been I life changer. No more wet patches under the arms at all now and I only apply it once a week. :)

I've now recently started to try the dehydral for my hands and feet. They don't really sweat that much normally but I thought it might stop my shoes from rubbing as much and I also thought that it would be better to have less sweaty hands when handling patients. ::eek:: One thing I've noticed about it though is that its made my hands and feet really dry and skin has started to flake off them. Is that normal when using this it? :confused:
If you suffer from hyperhidrosis or sweaty palms/ feet, I'm SELLING an iontophoresis idrostar machine on EBAY NOW for only £190! Brand new RRP £350 and no need for doctor's note to purchase it! Only listed for 7 days so search 'idrostar' and get bidding!
I never knew so many people had this problem. I have only just discovered it is a medical condition so glad im not just a freak! Having read many of your posts i realise i do not have it as bad as many. I only have axillary hyperhidrosis which is bad enough especially as i am a very anxious person anyway. I have never tried to treat it only hide it and i have just ordered some Driclor and Anhydrol Forte (each at £3.90 for 60ml which i thought was quite good) to try. If not then i will move on to other treatments. Thanks for all your posts they have been a great help :D
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