Hyperhidrosis Remedies and information

What remedy have you found most successful for hyperhidrosis?

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Piglet Boy

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Can someone chime in my thread about ROBINUL dosage and combo?

IM gonna try prolanolol w/ robinul.. when i feel flushed, during slight embarssed situation i feel my nerves over react and im about to sweat. there has bene a few times where i didn't which relaxed me even more because i know the drugs kicked in.


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Where's the best place to buy the hydrosal gel from? I'm thinking about using it for my face as extra protection with avert.
Hi guys. I also had HORRIBLE underarm sweating for a long time and nothing I tried seemed to end it. I honestly didnt even wanna go out in public and tried everything I could to avoid it. I did find something that helped me alot, a website that gave me tips that I havent heard before and now my underarm sweat is 80-90% better, i'm so happy because i actually don't fear going out anymore. Below is a link to the site maybe it can help someone here too. good luck.

Cure Excessive Sweating in Just Two Weeks


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Hi guys. I also had HORRIBLE underarm sweating for a long time and nothing I tried seemed to end it. I honestly didnt even wanna go out in public and tried everything I could to avoid it. I did find something that helped me alot, a website that gave me tips that I havent heard before and now my underarm sweat is 80-90% better, i'm so happy because i actually don't fear going out anymore. Below is a link to the site maybe it can help someone here too. good luck.

Cure Excessive Sweating in Just Two Weeks
Hello everyone.

My name is David Cahisa, from Barcelona (Spain). I suffer Hyperhidrosis
and I created a special t-shirt.

Thanks to research and development of our team, this T-shirt absorb
sweat without transferring it to the outside giving a pleasant sensation
on the skin.

If you want to check it, please go to www.sutran.es.

See you.

Has anyone tried botox as a remedy to hyperhydrosis?

I am writing a feature for university (unpublished) on the health benefits of botox. If you have used it and had a positive experience, please get in touch!


In ETS surgery a surgeon will cut the sympathetic nerve chain in the thoracic cavity, this surgery can have some serious consequences. The best way to get rid of sweating is using antiperspirant.
I just want to share my (mostly very positive) experience with Odaban in case it helps anyone out there.

I had suffered from excessive underarm wetness since I was 15. I started using Odaban in January 2005 (when I was 27). It worked really well and completely stopped any sweating at all :). I didn't need to use even a conventional antiperspirant deodorant, even when exercising, and didn't have any smell or dampness. I applied it about once a month whenever I could feel a little bit of sweating coming back.

This blissful state lasted until the beginning of 2010 when I started to notice that I was sweating a bit and smell was building up throughout the day even during the day after I had applied Odaban.

I had read about resistance building up so I tried to 're-set' my armpits by not using Odaban for a few weeks/months. During this time I used a conventional deodorant but didn't sweat excessively. It was almost like I had become 'normal' (I hate to use that word but you know what i mean) i.e. a conventional deodorant would stop most sweating and smell for most of the day but I would sweat when hot.

After a few months I applied Odaban hoping it would start working like it had when I first used it but it didn't. It's a shame because those totally sweat-free years were great. Now I apply Odaban about once a month and use a conventional antiperspirant deodorant each morning. I do sweat when it's hot but it's not too bad and I try not to worry about it too much.

Has anyone had a similar experience and can anyone offer any advice on trying another product?
I have generalised hyperhidrosis and have been taking Glycopyrrolate tablets for around 7 years and have been getting them on prescription through my dermatology department.
They have been a Godsend for me and have stopped me sweating altogether. Side effects though have been frequent urine infections for the first 3 years, dry mouth and throat and blurry vision. None of these have been pleasant but I was expecting worse and will stay on it regardless.
I've just been given a prescription of glycopyrrolate cream to use instead temporarily as myself and my husband are going to be trying for a baby and the side effects of the tablets on a foetus are unknown.
Anyone else in the same situation? I'm dreading the sweats that are to come and hope the cream works as well as the tablets do for me.


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Jenbean :) congrads nd I'm not on any of those had 2 ETS but still sweat I've got dermatology this month first time.. can I show them your post??? I'm in UK don't know about you?? Those pills could work for me,maybe I can repost with advice for you after my appointment...
Been taking the generic version of rubinol for about a week now its really doing good leaves my hands and feet 100% dry. Dont want to jinx it though and hope it works for the long run. It has the minor side effects but only ones i have experienced are a little dry throat and loss of taste of food for a little while. But compared to having so much sweat on you that you cant touch people those are a blessing.
Hi all,

Found a very useful breakdown on hyperhidrosis treatment options on wethandsclub.com that I'd like to share:

Types of hyperhidrosis treatment options:

1. Antiperspirant
2. Iontophoresis
3. Drugs
4. Psychotherapy
5. Surgery
6. Botox
7. Other

1. Antiperspirant

Generally, this treatment is recommended in mild cases of hyperhidrosis (tolerable moisture) but has to be repeated regularly. For those with severe cases (dripping), this treatment might not work for you.

It is cheap and is usually available in local pharmacies. (I have bought PerspireX from local pharmacy but it didn't work)

Only suitable for light-moderate hyperhidrosis cases
Requires patience as the effect is not immediate
Has to repeat regularly to maintain the result

2. Iontophoresis

This is another type treatment that you can try if you feel that the usage of antiperspirants have not lead to desired result or if you have better budget AND you have mild condition hyperhidrosis. This method involves applying low intensity electric current (15-18 mA), supplied by a D/C generator (battery) to the palms/feet/armpit immersed in an electrolyte solution. The procedure has to be repeated regularly, initially an hour a day for several times per week until you have achieved the desired result. Once the desired result is achieved, you can maintain the condition by having 1-2 treatments every week or two weeks.

It might have positive results for the mild hyperhidrosis cases and certain lucky patients suffering from severe hyperhidrosis cases
Easy and non messy approach to achieve dryness once desired results has been achieved
I do not have other good reasons for you to try this treatment, but if you are interested, just check out this website Drionic.com for more information. (Sadly this product also did not work for me and there is no email support for me to ask questions. Fortunately I managed to get a full refund after returning the product under its money back guarantee policy. (Few phone enquiries to their office in Los Angeles involved)

Quite expensive if you stay outside Canada/US.
Have to use the products' own batteries and aluminum plates. Postage is very expensive if you plan to order it regularly. So my suggestion for those who would like to try this treatment is to order additional batteries and aluminum plates when placing order on the core product to save on shipping/delivery costs. I found that there is alternative ways (make your own) to replace those components according to some people in forums but I do not know how safe or efficient the substitutes are.
Last but not least, it might be a painful experience for some people (like me :p ). If you wish to experience electrical shock, try this. Although the product allows you to adjust the electricity intensity level, it still encourage you to set it to the highest level for better result.

3. Drugs

I personally have never tried any of the drugs to solve my hyperhidrosis problem and I would not encourage anyone of you out there to try it. The cure is not permanent and you might suffer from its side-effects.

Immediate result/impact.

Result comes with side effects
Result is not permanent
Require doctor's consultation

4. Psychotherapy

Very limited effect in the majority of patients. Psychological problems are in most cases, a consequence of hyperhidrosis (embarrassing moments) and not the cause (why it happens). Hence, psychiatric or psychopharmacologic therapy cannot cure this disorder; at most it may help the patient to accept living with the problem.

Helps to accept the consequences hyperhidrosis brings
Helps patient to live with hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis condition is remained uncured.

5. Surgery

Excision of the axillary sweat glands
Patients with axillary hyperhidrosis who are unresponsive to medical therapy can be effectively treated by excision of the axillary sweat glands. If sweating extends beyond the hairy portion of the axilla, several skin incisions may be needed, sometimes resulting in formation of hypertrophic and/or constrictive scars. Has anyone tried this surgery before?

Sympathectomy (Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy or ETS)
The principle of sympathectomy is to interrupt the nerve tracks and nodes (ganglia) which transmit the signals to the sweat glands.Today, the treatment of choice for moderate to severe palmar and facial hyperhidrosis (also axillary, especially if combined with palmar sweating), is a surgical procedure known as Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy.

This minimal-invasive endoscopic technique has been developed in recent years, superseeding Conventional Thoracic Sympathectomy, a very traumatic procedure performed in the past. The endoscopic technique is very safe, if performed by a surgeon experienced in this type of procedure, and leads to definitive cure in nearly 100% of patients, leaving only a minimal scar in the armpit.

Individuals with combined hyperhidrosis of the palms and soles of the feet stands a good chance of curing their problem. Sometimes sweating of their feet also minimised after an operation aimed to suppress sweating of the hands. Isolated plantar hyperhidrosis can, however only cured by Lumbar Sympathectomy, an open abdominal procedure.

Diffuse hyperhidrosis of the trunk or general sweating of the whole body cannot be treated by surgery.

Immediate effect
Permanent (most of the cases)
Tolerable side effects for most of the people
Quick recovery time. Can go back to work within few days
Extremely small scars under the armpits
Most effective treatment

Compensatory sweating (CS) will occur in other places like trunk, thighs and other places.
Horners Syndrome may occur. In patients who experience Horners Syndrome, the eyelid appears to droop slightly. (rarely)
Gustatory sweating is a relatively rare side effect of sympathectomy. Patients who experience this will notice increased sweating when eating certain food or from the smell of certain food. (rarely)
The sweating will reoccur after the surgery. If the sweating returns after few days of surgery (my case), it will gradually go away in few days' time. However, if the sweating returns after some time (after a year), there is a chance that the nerve being cut/clamped during surgery has joined back or regrow. (rare)
There is no surgery which is 100% effective. So you should bear in mind that there will be risks of things going wrong during the surgery. Pray hard and get yourself an experienced surgeon to do this surgery.
Another side effect that I�m experiencing right now is an allergy to certain type of food especially Indian spice. My head will be itching all over but it is tolerable and I think it is a very small price to pay to have a normal sweating condition again :)

6. Botulinum toxin

A family of toxins produced by a bacteria known as Clostridium botulinum. This toxin is one of the most lethal poisons known, interfering with the effect of the transmitter substance acethylcholine at the synapses (the contact point of a nerve ending with another nerve cell or a muscle) and leading to progressive paralysis of all muscles in the body, including the respiratory muscles.

In extremely low doses, botulinus toxin has been adopted in cases with localized muscle hyperactivity (lid spasms, torticollis, etc), resulting in a reduction in transmitting impulses to the muscle. Initial reports have been published regarding the use of botulinum toxin in hyperhidrosis.

Seems to work adequately in axillary hyperhidrosis
Last for 6-12 months depending on the dosage (0.5-1.0 Units/cm2)

Costly, treatment need to repeated at regular intervals
Treatment can be done only at clinic/by specialist
Potential side effects if dosages is not kept low

7. Other Treatment Options

Chinese Medicine
Despite many articles out there saying Chinese medicine does not produce desirable result for hyperhidrosis, I would still encourage all sufferers to try this method first before seeking other treatments especially surgeries.

My point is not baseless or without evidence because my aunty and her brother (uncle) who are also ex-sufferer managed to cure hyperhidrosis condition by consuming Chinese herbal soup and herbal liquor like DOM. However, it requires patience as it will take a longer time (my aunt took a year to recover) but you will be fully recovered without any CS or other side effects and you will also end up with a stronger body.

In Chinese medicine, many believe those with hyperhidrosis problem have weaker body (remember the Yin/Yang) and lack of the Heat element. In my own experience, people who lack the heat element (hyperhidrosis sufferers) will be able to tolerate all the heaty herbal soup. Meanwhile, for those without hyperhidrosis problem, they will easily get fever and gain higher body temperature whenever they take those herbal soup.

A good method of recovering without side effects
Treating the cause of hyperhidrosis rather than the effects
Even if it does not cure hyperhidrosis, it nourishes your body

Requires a long time to nourish the body before hyperhidrosis goes away
Because it requires a longer time, the cost is not cheap too
There is no perfect combination of herbs to cure hyperhidrosis. Please let us know if you have the herbal remedy

Qi Gong/Yoga/Tai Chi
This is a method that allows you not to get rid of hyperhidrosis but it is believed to get rid of all kinds of diseases as well. By doing these few relaxing exercises consistently over the years, your body will accumulate enough Qi to strengthen your internal health of your body and learn how to relax your mind. Do not get confused these exercises with religions.

Another good method of recovering without side effects
Treating the cause of hyperhidrosis rather than the effects
Strengthen the body and mind
It is cheap if you manage to learn it for free from a master

Requires time and commitment because you need to do the exercises very often.
Hard to find a reliable master(especially qi gong) since these activities are so commercialized now
Get misunderstood as it is mistaken as religious activities (qi gong)
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