How are you feeling?

TY for the nice replies Black mamba and Master piece :) Made me smile

I'm feeling better today, I haven't screwed up in work for days, so I feel better about that. Still feeling a bit lonely though, haven't seen hardly any of my friends since college ended pretty much, which is making me feel low. Also, me and my boyfriend haven't seen much of each other lately, but I told him how I've been feeling lately, and he was supportive and said when I wanted to talk he would be there for me.

Still a tiny tiny bit down, but other than that, it's not a bad day today :D

Hugs to everyone feeling down

(Jenz, if ya want someone to chat to ya can add me to messenger if ya want [email protected], I love getting added to people's messengers, no idea why though :p)


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I'm feeling hyper and anxious cos i've got some awful life decisions to make and I pretty much know that I'm going to make the wrong one (it's the easier option) and my parents are on my case about me being me and argghhh!

keep your pecker up guys!
Good luck with the desicions you have to make clairet...

As for how im feeling, depressed, frustrated and generaly just fucked off with the world, every day just seems to be the same, same shit different day sort of thing :evil:
jenz said:
hi all.. im new here! first post! ...ive read some of your personal stories and I can soo relate to them... it is an everyday struggle and it's hard to make people understand that is not somthing you can make dissapear quickly ...i wish it could ....I can especially relate to Maya's my case ..i have a sister (not even a friend) who helps me get out there and get some kind of a social life...its better than no one at all I guess...But i am afraid of what my life will be like if I don't change..because I don't know anybody other than my family... they make me feel normal but when Im out doing normal everyday things I feel like the world is judging and work has always felt like a pain too.. it just feels so hard to relate to someone....I guess thats why Im here I need to talk to people who understand ...instead of keeping it to myself..Im an average 24 yrold but I don't feel that way. My shyness has affected every aspect of my life school work socializing,friendships, relationships etc. By the way are there any hispanics on here that can relate?(not discriminating)

talk to me people!!! I need someone to talk, to you need someone to talk to :eek: I am officially your friend :D lets ease some of our anxiousness!
This is my first time on this site and my first post. Reading your post made me want to reply. I'm also a hispanic that can relate pretty much to what you wrote. I've been dealing with social anxiety since I started college last year. At first I didn't know what it was but found out a month or two later. I just turned 19 and I definitely want to get rid of the social anxiety that I sometimes experience. I just finished reading about some other people's experiences on the site and I guess I don't have it as bad as some do, but I hate that uncomfortable feeling where you just feel real out of place. Then once your out of that situation you feel normal but your mind keeps thinking about it and it takes a while to just let it go. I also hate how doing simple things that should take like two seconds end up taking a lot longer. Anyway, just wanted to post something on this site and say hi.


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Hi Madclown, welcome to the forum. :)

Hmm today I am EXHAUSTED, my eyes are stinging and itchy, I have dead flies and bees in my hair, my hands smell of old leather and my ass is NUMB.

Who can guess what I've been doing today? :lol:


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at the moment......pathetic i keep thinking about the future and work and bleh blah ugh.......

i was ok earlier i must have like 10 different types of feelings each day


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grumblina said:
Hmm Mamba, well... I'd have to say: going through the attic or gardening. :)
Hehe nope I was riding a motorbike for 6 hours straight. At the start of my lesson it was cold, raining, bike was vibrating quite violently at the hadnlebars, I couldn't control the bike anyway and kept making mistakes with the instructor's goddam radio in my ear pin pointing exactly where I went wrong.

Boy I just wanted to go home, jump in bed and cry myself stupid! It was horriblé! But I kept at it, progressed a little throughout the day. 2nd day today - butterflies are kicking in. :?

I want my mummy! :(


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Brave woman black_mamba.

I'm feeling a bit blase myself and tired - i'm always tired - i might try berocca, see if that peps me up a bit. I wish t.v commercials were actually true instead of a load of shit. marketing!


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im worried today but i dont know why i am. maybe going to collage is getting me a bit scared. no im not scared im terrified!!

i keep thinking that i wont be able to do it.
i wish i could just start. i hate waiting around
it makes me a nervous wreck.


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you know guys i dont feel any good today i feel very very conscious around people even with my family around and this feeling makes me sick.i want this feeling to just snap away from me but how?maybe i'd be like this for the rest of my life.
I was ok until i got an unexpected phone called this morning, from my local benefit office, telling me I have to go for a "PERSONAL CAPABILITY

Has anyone else been to one? I would be intrested to know as i'm really
worried about this. :(
I live in the uk.

thanks from susan
yes the goverment does seem to be harder on people on benefits now a days. trouble is people on benefits all seem to be classed the same, as lazy scrouners, which is not always true.



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Not so great today. We're having a pot luck luncheon at work in a few days. I decided last week to donate $5 by last Friday. I paid today - it's taken me this long to get the nerve to walk around the corner to speak to the collecting person. I wonder if what I said came out right. Also, my wife jumped on my case because I bought an umbrella this morning because it was raining. Thanks (once again) to the webmasters of this site. I've been wanting to vent all day but I have no one to actually talk to.
worrydoll said:
are the government getting heavy on invalidity benefit..or on benefits generally?
Yeah... due to the polatics which are going on, the goverment have decided that to many people are on income/incapacity benefit and have made it much harder for claims to get accepted, also they now make people go through examinations and reviews as much as they can and also find any possible excuse to stop or re-review people's right to claim the benefit. :?

Tomboysue, i went to one of these examinations and i ended up not passing it, i took it to appeal and also lost this... My advice to you is to do somthing i should of done, go to the citezens advice bureo (spelling?),they deal a lot with this stuff,and will be able to help you a lot.Good luck with this sue, hope it goes well.