Hi all, this is me :)


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I'm from Spain (i know there are spanish exclusive forums but i'd like to know people from everywhere ^^) and i think i suffer from APD. Wish i could meet people to share experiences, help each other as much as we can and gradually feel better (and why not...improve my english!)

Feel free to talk to me if you want to share thoughts, feelings, hobbies (i like books, movies, tv shows, also play lots of games), etc. I dont judge so every gender (i'm male), religion (i don't have one, probably agnostic), age (already said i'm 24), nationality (said that too, spanish), sexual orientation (i'm gay), species (i'm human haha), appearance, etc. will be absolutely welcome!! as long as you're tolerant and kind.

There's nothing wrong with being alone (i actually enjoy that) but feeling alone is not that good and i'm tired of it (probably i'd be more social if it weren't for this brain of mine and it's bad thoughts lol) so i want to change that.
As i've said, feel free to talk to me (through here, private, mail, etc. just tell me) even if you don't have my hobbies (i'd like to know yours and other points of view) or don't know what to say but need to talk. i know that every person is different so take all the time you need, but i'd love to know you all!!

By the way, since english is not my main language, please correct me if i say something wrong..hope you where able to understand me though Lol.
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Hello and welcome the SPW! I'm fluent in Spanish and you can message me anytime if you'd like to talk.


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I'm an atheist, and have some Spanish ancestry. Your English is fine. Glad to know there's someone out there who doesn't buy into the religion crap.