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Hello. For those who don't know, this notebook I use is quite far from my wireless router. So I disconnect a lot! And it gets very annoying when I'm watching streamed videos like youtube! And also, there have been times where people have tried to talk to me with the mini messenger and I end up not receiving messages, or I try sending them and it doesn't work and people think I'm ignoring them!

So... although I think I know a lot about computers, I get a bit miffed when it comes to the internet. So I thought I would ask my fellow Social Phobics! Is there something I can buy that I can place between my computer and router that will boost the signal? Moving the router or my computer isn't really an option for various reasons.

Does such an item exist?

Thank you for reading, your help is greatly appreciated!
Buy a better router perhaps? One with a longer/stronger signal? (Sorry for stating the obvious, but seems like the only plausible solution :/)


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get a really long piece of cat 5 cable and just plug it in

you can always duct tape it down so nobody trips over it


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There is a cheap trick I once saw on the internet. It was about silverpaper around the antenna's ..
Never tried it when I still had wireless internet, but it seems to work, and I guess it's worth a try ?::p:
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