I am 23 and have suffered from severe social anxiety my whole life. It has affected every part of my life and makes it very hard to do anything that involves other people. I really want to get better, and have started seeing a counselor. Just wanted to introduce myself and say hi! 😊


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Welcome, man. I also deal with SA but it sounds like mine is less severe than yours. None the less, I understand and there's plenty of others here who do as well. I wish you luck in conquering your SA.:thumbup:
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Hello Lotus1993 and welcome. I have found this forum immensely helpful, especially when I first joined as I wasn't aware there were so many who shared the same difficulties as I. Hope you become a regular contributor. There are some really good people here.


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Welcome! I found this site more than 10 years ago and it hasn´t helped me that much. Good luck!
True that lols. For me to get better required medication and therapy and just inching out slowly. Can be a good place to talk about experiences though but looking to get better using this site as the cure is unlikely.