Guy with SA on Letterman


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ahhh..i feel his pain.
have been in this situation before but not on live tv.
people like dave letterman probably don't understand social anxiety but I am sure a lot of people in the audience did which is probably why they were clapping for him.



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Thats horrible how he keeps making fun of him. Its bad enough having that moment happen but to have someone pester u about it. It's so mean plus now its on youtube so this guy must be so depressed that not only people watching the show saw it, now anyone can. I dont know if i could take that.


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Oh, thats painful even to watch, i wouldnt like to be him. And whats wierd is that theres not one single funny thing happening in the vid but people keep laughing, i dont understand... Either American sense of humour sucks (no offense), or those people are paid to laugh.


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Oh, and btw why do you reckon he has SA. He seems cool when talking, maybe he just didnt want to play. :roll:


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I didn't get why everyone was laughing either. That's the last thing I'd do if I noticed the guy speaking was having a hard time.


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Y said:
Oh, and btw why do you reckon he has SA. He seems cool when talking, maybe he just did want to play. :roll:

I'm just assuming because I found the video while browsing the social anxiety section of You-Tube. I could be mistaken...


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ahhh, makes me so sad to watch that :(

I think the most painful part was at the end when letterman takes the envelope back from the poor guy and everyone in the audience is just cracking up laughing. That is so sick and wrong. For someone like this guy, it probably would have been easier to have someone literally stab him in the heart then have to go through that.


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Kinetik said:
I didn't get why everyone was laughing either. That's the last thing I'd do if I noticed the guy speaking was having a hard time.
me too..some people are insensitive jerks :roll:


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I could not get any sound and just had to gauge what was happening by the pictures -but even that was enough.

I actually feel pity for all the people there. Great pity. The simple fact that they laughed so much at this man who felt shy, intimidated and embarrassed and Letterman's poor interviewing skills -all points to a stark fact: that social anxiety and intense shyness are very close to the ordinary human experience.

People are only inclined to ridicule a person so when they themselves feel similar emotions to the one they ridicule. The condenscending, shamed look on faces of people in the audience, the shrill (I go by looks rather than sound) laughter at someone and Lettermans' highly rude and immature snatching away his envelope from the man. -Like, all of them can relate to the peer pressure to fit in with the clan, but none of them has the guts to admit that they feel like the self-concious, nervous man. It's hypocritical. And I actually see it as real weakness.

Perhaps it is partly the country America, where everyone is supposed to be a confident loud mouth. I've seen people withdraw shyly on tv before, yet on Australian television the interviewer or anchorman would show more respect towards a person with shy ways and they'd employ a maturit and skill in diverting the attention from the person in a way that would stop the embarrassment.

I think that this clip is actually really good -because it reveals a lot about people.

It shows how much people hide their real self from others and how they can't handle a glimpse into their own true feelings of shyness and insecurity. And my view is that they're all just as scared and afraid of appearing weak in front of others. And the only difference between all the people who laughed and ridiculed the shy and nervous man, is that he is less able to hide how he really feels than they are.


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I could see myself reacting the same way. That video is a perfect example of why I avoid going to large social gatherings unless I absolutely have too. Most "normal" people simply do not understand or care about people with social anxiety.


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Weird dumb audience. They probably don't know how to react to that except laugh, only thing they know to do.


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If they knew it was social anxiety, they would probably not be laughing. As much, at least.


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I felt like shaking the guy's hand and say "well done" after seeing that. Letterman was such an asshole. He just lost my respect for him.

Poor guy was scared out of his life and Letterman still took the envelope right out of his hands. I doubt that guy will ever go on a talk show.


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Ouch, that was painful to watch. If I were in that situation I would have probably done the same thing he did and not played the game, even if it made me look worse than I would have already looked by being very nervous. Not to mention, I would have looked like this ":oops:" the whole time I would have played the game.
The audience is the least of his problems. Put yourself in his shoes when he goes back hone and encounters his family, friends, relatives, workmates etc.

It did look like some sort of insecurity but not what I would consider classic social phobia. Not sure.


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Makes me angry.

Didn't laugh once through that whole clip. Just wanted to smack Letterman and everyone else who was laughing. Bet that poor guy spends the rest of his life analyzing that situation again and again. Seems like alot of suffering for a small easy 'laugh'.