Graeme's Wee Mad Mental Music Thread

Definitely one I can see as a soundtrack to a video game (y)
Whoa !! It's seriously that good, eh? :DThat's the 3rd instrumental of mine in a row that you've said is soundtrack worthy, Loyal. (y)

Though, my oldest sister said the exactly same thing, after hearing just the first 20 seconds looped through my stereo speakers while I was still putting the track together. Well, after she raced upstair to my room, barraging intae ma room n' almost shouting: "Is that you playin' that?!"

Uhhh.. wow.. At the first vid I thought she was just trolling.. but she seems to take it rather seriously.. :oops::censored:
Same here... I was f...ckin' mortified by the end o' that first video. :oops: :mad:

I'm glad you're inspired!
Yeah... I was kinda going through a bit o' a slump for the past couple months or so.
But, when these sorta videos exist, ya cannae help being inspired. :sneaky:

And they're good for a laugh... more so if ya happen play a musical instrument. :LOL:
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Another one that could be in a movie, this time I could see it in a crucial escaping through the city at night scene, or a sudden overwhelmed protagonist scene in a nightclub. Either in a thriller or a drama for sure
Seriously, another one ?! :eek: Whoa, that’s mental. o_O

Ya git that I’ve only been writing music for over a year noo, right? :rolleyes::LOL:

I must have a knack for songwriting after all... ;)(y)
I’ve kinda been wondering if I’m going about this wrong by uploading individual songs to SoundCloud ? :unsure: Am probably not, but ah might upload a full album at some point. I’m considering attempting a concept album or EP. Or ah might try n’ compose a soundtrack. :unsure:
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Go to a couple more followers on my SoundCloud account. But I’m going to see if getting a SoundCloud Pro subscription will help get my music out there a bit more. Just need to see if ah cun afford it. Also, need to back into the way writing again.
Both of these could work well in Western/Country/Southern USA setting movies, or western games like Red Dead Redemption (y)
You've definitely got quite a knack for tunes
Thanks, Loyal. ;)(y) I think I'm starting to find my confidence with song-writing. And, while I've never played Red Dead Redemption, I've heard of it and seen some of the game-play. But yer right, I can definitely hear Harvest Day fitting into Red Dead perfectly.
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Been thinking for the last few day about going back and add strings to that Improbability instrumental ?
Or I might actually do re-recording of it and see if I can extend it to 5 minutes or beyond that ? :unsure:
Well, ah dinnae really want to admit this, but it’s embarrassing and therefore kinda funny...

So, ah start playing through Improbability a few days ago. And ah get to that wee variation around the 2 minute mark where the chords and melody change. And, eh... ah could’nae remember how to play it, or notes o’ the chords ! :oops::eek:
Cannae see that gan doon well if ah wus performing a gig ! :LOL:
Autobiographical song titles - good idea or bad ? :unsure:

I’ve this idea of doing an instrumental album based upon the family dysfunction and drama that happens around me. But ah don’t know if that cathartic, or would be taken as me criticising them. Since most o’ the song titles aren’t exactly cryptic. :confused:
As Staind frontman Aaron Lewis would say: It’s been a while... :LOL: Sorry for that shite pun.

Haven’t upload to SoundCloud in a month ! :eek: So, to fix that, ah decided upload some unfinished drum tracks as a compilation. Going for more a hip-hop vibe with these tracks, really. Made these over the past 2 to 3 days. Which is another way of saying these are potentially $hite... :LOL: Only joking, there no that bad !
I’ve already got another record label wanting to promote my songs. Got 8 new followers within minutes of me uploading the above linked compilation. A French rapper who liked 8 of the 10 tracks, and 7 people who each had links to a label called Wasp Records on their SoundCloud accounts.

Am still kinda conflicted about the whole promotion thing with SoundCloud, y’know, as far as paying to get ma songs heard. Seems kinda cheap to pay for followers or listener,to me, as if paying for ‘em implies ah huv’nae got any talent. And I’d much rather doing masel’ than say: “Hi ! Here’s some money share this song wae yer audience !”

Anyway, feedback and comments on that compilation or any of my instrumentals are welcome. Either on here, or if you’ve got a SoundCloud account, comments are enable on all my songs I’ve uploaded since last year.
interesting, nice tunes! :D
Thanks lily. Glad ya like ‘em. ;)(y) Just trying to keep my sound as varied as possible so I don’t get bored writing instrumental music. Eclectic, I guess ye could say...

Haven’t quite decided how to expanded upon most of those ideas, though. But I’ll probably have better idea once I get my synthesizer connected to my laptop again. There’s a couple of those short synth idea I’ll probably keep as they are, but just tweak the sound during the mixing process. And once I get my guitar fixed I’ll make a start on add some guitar to those more rock/metal influenced drum tracks.

That said, I’m still getting a fair bit of interest from Wasp Record, who’d like to repost a few the tracks I’ve uploaded to my account, so I might see about doing at some point. Assuming it’d be worth it longer...? :unsure: