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Well.. I'm only an hour into the game but I will have to agree with you. I'm in love with it already. I love the roughness and toughness of the people. The background music.. the gameplay is just like The Last of Us - Masterful!

And playing with headphones gets the full effect of those gunshots! Beautiful stuff..
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Pug slowly walks into the smokey, dimly lit four word game thread and looks around the room. He spots an unfamiliar face at the bar. As he walks over to the stranger he notices the stranger looks more like a fake human.. a robot if you will.

*Pug speaks in dry, western cowboy voice*

"Mr.. I don't think you belong here in this here club."
The stranger leaves his seat and walks over to the message board, pins an unsolicited advertisement on it, obscuring the legitimate notices before returning to his seat.

Pug draws on his cigar but leaves it in the corner of his lips and undoes the button on his weathered riding jacket which is as weathered as his face, exposing his revolver.. still in it's holster.

"I might be mistaken, but I do believe I just gave you a chance to leave here by your own means. You see, my friends here (Pug looks sideways and sees Loyal and Fountain at a card table) don't take kindly to your breed spreadin your filth all over our notice boards. Now I'm going to tell ya again, take your trash and leave."
Fountain leans back in his chair, resting his hand upon his peacemaker, Loyal letting a slightly demented chuckle escape from her lips..

The stranger ignores the threat, takes out another sheet of paper and starts writing on it. The room is deadly quiet, save for the sound of paper being hastily written on.

"Ok Mister. I'm counting to ten. Don't let me get to ten."
Pug's hand slides closer across his belt, and rests with his outer palm faintly touching the grip. "One."

The stranger stops writing and slowly looks up at Pug. "Ten" *BLAM!!*

The strangers lifeless body hits the floor, his open skull exposing wiring, computer chips and a strange white oil..

Loyal says to Pug "I thawt ye was gonna count ta ten Pawg?"

Pug flips a silver coin onto the bar towards the bartender "this is for the mess Wayne".

As he walks past his good friends Loyal and Fountain, he replies "Well loyal, I never did learn to count proper".

(Lol yea, I'm bored :LOL:)
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So I'm sittin here playing - no - living -RDR2.. I'm sittin at the campfire and we're having a bit of a sing along. We start singing 'Ring dang do' and as I took a drink I spat some out in laughter because of some of its lyrics :LOL:

I tend to, but I also don't like being thrown into the action.

There's a big gunfight early-on that's meant to show you the ropes, but I don't like to learn on-the-fly. Bullets are ripping overhead but I'm still fumbling with the mechanics of the inventory wheel. The gang's screaming at me "Hey, did you forget how to shoot?" and I'm literally growling back at them "You assholes didn't give me a shooting range!"
So I'm a couple of hours into the game and I'm STILL coming to terms with how to control and use things under pressure.
So far I've:
Fallen off a cliff.

Ridden my horse off a cliff.

Went to speak to a lawman and shot him by accident - he then shot me dead.

Had a bar fight, knocked out 2 guys and threw their bodies out in the muddy street where a lawman seen me and shot me because I didnt know how to raise my hands.

Went to pay off my bounty at the post office and shot the postman by accident.

Got hit by a train while riding my horse..

So yea, things are not going smoothly :LOL:
But I'm still loving it.
Thats it! Tomorrow I am going to Eb games and I am buying a ps4 and RDR2 :LOL:
Do it Loyal! The game is seriously good..
Simple moments made special.. surprises..etc.
This arvo I was riding back to a town to sell a horse, not bothering anyone.
Then these guys started shooting at me and chasing me... a great chase ensued.
I was going flat out, bullets ripping past me.. i didnt realize until i got close to the town that i was actually leaning forward in my chair and ducking when i heard the bullets being fired during the chase! :LOL:
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