Fortunately, Unfortunately

I start by saying 'fortunately..' Then make a sentence.
The next person has to continue by saying 'unfortunately..'

No rules, other than alternating fortunately and unfortunately.
I'll start :)

Fortunately, the five SPW users had torches to follow the trail of bread crumbs into the dark tunnel..


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Fortunately, those bats lost their fangs in a bizarre construction site accident and couldn't bite the SPW users.
Fortunately, Miley Cyrus was locked up for 5 years for her wanton destruction of the badly constructed construction site, and the cave's vampire bats became vegetarians as well.
Unfortunately, the trail of breadcrumbs runs out just as the 5 SPW users hear a loud whinnying sound coming towards them from deep inside the cave.
Fortunately, it was only a cat sitting on one of those robot vacuums, cleaning up all the breadcrumbs someone had left lying around
^ Bwahahaha :lol:

Unfortunately, the sound of the robot vacuums woke up the cave trolls who then started running towards the SPW users with great big stun guns.
Unfortunately, while all of the cave trolls were looking down at their cream buns with "WTF"! expressions on their faces, the robot vacuum overheated and caused a massive explosion to rip through the cave.
Fortunately, just before the explosion one of the SPW users found his long lost 'ACME Porta-hole' in his pocket, threw it on the floor for the 5 of them to escape into.
Unfortunately, the cave trolls had followed the 5 SPW users through the "ACME Porta-hole" into the different dimension, where they immediately bribed the friendly humanoid gerbil people by giving them all of their cream buns so they would help them attack the SPW users.


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Unfortunately, smelly flatulence is finite, and once they were done tooting, the cave trolls decided it was time for an ambush.