Feel so bad...


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Ok I know I'm going to get told off for venting but I need to. I feel so alone today, none of my friends are online and I'm physically all alone here. Feel like crying or just ending it all.

I managed to upset my best friends yesterday without even trying. I'm not good at this friend thing and I think its best for everyone if I just go back to being alone. Everyone I interact with gets upset or angry with me.


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Oh yeah. I seem to have a remarkable gift for unintentionally pissing people off. I'm like some sort of anti-Midas where everything I touch turns to shit. I dunno, some people get x-ray vision or super strength and I get this... yay.

I often feel like the best thing would be to give up as well. It would certainly be a lot easier and a lot less stressful. But... I can't seem to do it. DAMN YOU HUMANS AND YOUR OCCASIONAL GOOD BITS THAT I LIKE!!

So on with the show I guess. Maybe 146th time lucky...

I'm sorry you're feeling so shitty. I wish I could conjure up a magic sentence which makes you feel better but.. I'm not really so great with the whole feeling good stuff. I don't advise ending it all though. Not as long as there's alcohol left in the world anyway.

PS: Venting is good. Anyone that complains can sod off to RainbowHappyMagicSparkles.com


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Don't worry, your not alone in that department. One neighbor that I have been extra nice to(even helped with money-stupid) was rude to me the other day, and I don't know what I did wrong. I even was nice enough to bake her and her roommate a banana bread. I'm with you, i'll just go back to being totally hermit. :roll:


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Don't feel bad! Hang around people who appreciate you, and forget about the ones that act upset towards you. Don't lower your standards just to have people around you... you're more than that. Even if that means chilling by yourself for a while. Besides, being alone can be the perfect time to start up on your soon-to-be-awesome relationship with the one.... true... self! You're stuck with you.


Use your alone time to discover the real you. Just because you are alone doesn't mean you have to be lonely. Ask yourself questions such as what makes me happy...what am I good at...what do others love about me...what do I enjoy doing? By learning to be happy with yourself, you will start to become less dependent on other people's reactions to you.


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I wouldnt give up if i were you miss_amy......maybe your friends were just having a bad day......I bet they forget all about it now & remembered not long afterwords what a good friend you really are to them...& they are probably sorry they got upset with you..give them a chance to make it up to you...it's always darkest before the dawn....stick around awile & see what happens...