My monster finally has a name. I was watching Grey's Anatomy on Netflix and came across the episode in season two. If you have know which one I'm referring to. I sat there in shock. I was staring at myself. All these years.. I knew I had anxiety, I knew I blushed, but I thought that it was something that was extremely rare.. and that there was nothing I could do about it.

I've been taking klonipin since I was 16 years old (I am now 26). This drug is wonderful. I never leave home without it. I always take one if I know I'm going to be in a stressful situation. On a first date, a job interview.. it makes me feel calm. But I've realized that I don't want to have to rely on a pill just to feel calm, or normal for that matter. Severe facial blushing, as you know, is quite embarrassing. I can't laugh, get mad, see a guy I find extremely attractive without every single person around me noticing. "Are you ok?" "You're turning really red." "Are you sunburned?" I've had several opportunities for promotions at work, but denied them..because of this. I hate this. I feel like I'm a prisoner in my own body. I want to be able to see a cute guy, smile, and talk to him without blushing. I want to deal with an upset customer at work, stand my ground, and not let them be able to see that I'm nervous or uncomfortable. I want a life. I've contemplated about possibly looking into hypnotherapy.. but now that I've heard about the ETS surgery.. I've really been giving it some thought. Does anyone have any success stories at all when dealing with this disorder? :confused:
I'm sorry to hear you have this huge blushing problem. I used to blush a lot in high school, every single day and I know how that feels like. Blushing isn't my main symptom of SA anymore though, I do blush if I'm really uncomfortable or ashamed or people make a weird comment about me and talking about subjects I feel weird about, but not in every situation. I do get extremely awkward and nervous every day, I know it's really not a fun thing to have. I don't know about the surgery thing, aren't there any meds to reduce your blushing fear? And I'm sorry to hear that people can see it too, I know that's the basic fear. If other people can see it. I know it sounds stupid, but if you accept that you blush and people can see it, you will feel so much happier. Actually a lot of people find it cute if a girl is blushing. Guys have to be all tough but mostly with girls it's not a shame. I think the world is just messed up for judging guys and girls on blushing and being shy or awkward. Most people will feel all dreading while giving a presentation and they should realise how we feel like that in normal day life. PleaseCaffeine, it's all about carrying yourself on in this world. It's unfair how people react, but keep your head above them. Accept it, and look for solvations, but even if you blush, it's mostly seen as a friendly matter. I hope the hypnotherapy helps you. Acceptance is the key and change the way you feel around people

Good luck
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I want to deal with an upset customer at work, stand my ground, and not let them be able to see that I'm nervous or uncomfortable.
I work in a shop and would love to be able to deal with customers without having this problem. My doctor put me on Lyrica but it doesn't seem to be helping. Does Klonopin help with blushing?
Yes. I feel incredibly calm about 15 minutes after I take it. I started with about .5mg.. but since I've been taking it for so long, I'm up to 1mg now. But whenever I take one, I feel incredibly calm. This prevents me from getting nervous or anxious whenever a situation presents itself that normally would make my heart race, my palms sweat, and my face flush. So yes, it has helped me a lot. And I have hardly any blushing whenever I have taken this. It's like a mild form of Xanax is how I would describe it.