Do you have more online friends than offline ones?


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I started doing this myself. When I realized a lot of people were just forgetting me or just using me.. I started speaking with people online. I have a few really good friendships with people online. We talk almost every day too. It is nice. We both share what is going on and give each other advice. Two of them are friends with each other too so we sometimes do group chats.

Do you have more online friends than offline ones?
I have one friend and a cousin I hang out with, though I barely see that friend now.

Online I just have acquaintances, I had too many bad experiences getting close to internet folk in the past.

I mostly keep the online peeps at a distance days.


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i have more online friends than offline but i set up a day to go out w/ a friend to the garden when it gets to spring, summer, fall
I do, yes. We meet up in RL but we mostly communicate online because we either don't live in the same city/country or we have different schedules. I don't have many friends that I've met online and kept it only online, though.
....Online I just have acquaintances, I had too many bad experiences getting close to internet folk in the past.....
^It is very sad to hear that, Fountain. :sad:
Of course no one deserves bad experiences online, but someone as kind as you deserves that the least !

I don't have any friends in real life - and haven't for a long time now - so yes, the only online friend I have is more than I have in real life, lol.
Having a fear of getting close to people doesn't help the situation. :eek:h:


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I have no friends in real life. Somehow, I seem to be better communicating with people online, probably because I don't have as much trouble putting my thoughts into words. I have terrible communication skills when I'm actually talking to somebody one on one (or in a group). I've also noticed that when you're on a forum/site that you and everyone else can relate to, you're more able to share your feelings with that person.
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Yes, definitely. I am much more comfortable in print than in person (I'm a writer/editor for a living). A lot of my online friends are people I met back in college or in a class/performance and who I "talk" to much more now than I did then.
My last friendship was when I was 20, 29 now. I have 1 online friend but he talks to me, too much and sometimes I get really annoyed.
I had one online friend who wanted to talk far too much. Everytime I wanted to go she always said don't go, even when it 2am and i wanted to go to sleep. I am glad we are not in touch anymore and it has put me off being friends with someone online.
I don't have any friends, online or otherwise, i used to speak to 'friends' online a lot but it turned out they weren't to be trusted so i haven't really spoken to anyone 1 to 1 online since

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