do you ever wish that you lived in a different culture?


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Do anyone here feel like they do not fit into the culture which you where born but believe that your life would be better if you lived in a different culture? Like if you are a part of western culture but feel you would be happier within eastern culture? Would you prefer to live within another county with a different culture from your own? How about the culture of a bygone era, or civilization that no longer exist? Are there anyone who wish that they could leave the civilized world and live alone in the wilderness? If it was up to you what type of culture would you chose to inhabit?


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I have a friend who decided to chuck it all and move to Thailand. He's been there for over a year now and absolutely loves it. He says he hates the western culture with all its materialism and people judging if you're just slightly outside of the norm. He says there, nobody judges him and everyone is nice. He makes videos of his life there sometimes. I would love to live like that but I need to stay where I am for now and earn a living. I'm not in good enough financial shape to just drop everything and move to another country.