Do you believe people can read your mind?

I think if any scientist or Doctor had discovered a way to hear or detect another person's thoughts, then we would have heard about it by now.
A psychopath would have gotten hold of that discovery by now and used it negatively to benefit themselves - on such a grand scale - that it would not have been possible to hide it for very long.

Wouldn't that belief be easy to disprove?

All you would have to do is ask someone to repeat what you were just thinking, and then the person would get it wrong (because it is not possible) and then you would automatically discover that it is not real, wouldn't you? :unsure:


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I dont believe it, but its lowkey a worry in my mind when Im thinking particularly troublesome thoughts, or when Im putting in passwords :LOL: Its not a oh god someone is listening type of worry but a hoo boy imagine if someone could hear this shit right now