DNA ethnicity test

So, I've done a DNA test back in August, to find out what my ethnicity is. I know that I'm Asian, but how much? I've seen so many YouTube videos about DNA test results posted by Americans, especially Afro-Americans, because they wanted to know what they are besides what they are. I was curious about my background. I was not adopted or anything and as far as I knew, I'm fully Chinese. I had to spit in a tube and mix it with a blue solution, put it in a box and sent it to a lab in Dublin. According to ancestry.com I had to wait 6 till 8 weeks to get my results. Instead of waiting for 2 months, I received my results within 3 weeks, which was very fast. I didn't expect it to be that fast.

Guess what? I'm not 100% east Asian. According to the DNA test results I'm 88% east Asian and 12% Polynesian, so I'm either partly Tongan, Rapa Nuian, Maori, Samoan, Cook islander or Hawaiian. On ancestry.com where I did the test, they also immediately matched my profile with my distant cousins. I've found my 5th cousins and many of them are from the Philippines.

I wasn't surprised, but I was hoping for to be partly native American. I do think it's cool though. :)

Have any of you ever done a DNA ethnicity test? If so, what are your results and are you happy with it? Do you feel awesome about it?
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Ive been wanting to do something like that. Im black but I dont know what else is in there. I might have to look into how much it costs now. I remember when they first started doing it it was pretty high. But that was years ago.