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For the past two years, I've been fighting depression, to a point where I sometimes think that I'm finally healed, but then suddenly I crash mentally for no reason and thus my life crashes as well. No matter how hard I try to get back up rapidly, I can't! It seems that the only way to get better is to reach rock bottom first and then it takes a lot of time to rebuild myself. Does this happen to anyone else?

It is happening to me right now, only this time is definitely the worst ever. For the past month, I can barely get any school work done. My grades were good before that but now they are horrible. I crash constantly and it's seriously preventing me from having a normal life and having people come into my life. I refuse to take any medication because that won't cure my problem, it will only kick it further away. Every time it happens, I tell myself that this is the last time, but it always ends up happening again.


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My life is mostly up dans downs, sometimes I can feel pretty good, then I will start feeling like **** for a few days, I won't want to do anything or talk to anyone, I just want to lay in bed and listen to music... then it starts all over again. A rollercoaster you could say. Only thing that keeps me going are those short periods of mild happiness, but that's better than nothing, isn't it? I hope so...


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Something that might help is to stop being so hard on yourself when these crashes happen. What I like to do when I'm feeling down is to view myself as a close friend, what would you do or tell them if they were feeling down about themselves? You probably wouldn't tell them to 'snap out of it!' or 'get themselves together!' but be supportive and compassionate to them, which is what you should do to yourself in these depressive states.

It can be difficult to think this way when you first start trying it, but as you keep practicing it you'll get better at it.


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Crashes do happen in my life especially when negative events happen. For example, I was kind of happy during the summer and I thought I was progressing emotionally until jury duty came along. It was my first jury duty and I got picked to sit on trial. It was a horrible experience, and I crashed. I was all over and felt very depressed. But give it a couple of weeks, and now I am starting to get back on my feet again. I hope I don't experience these types of negative events again, but who knows, life is filled with good and bad events.


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I can definately recognize that crashing feeling, when you think you've beaten depression.

With me, I need to be honest with myself. Sometimes I delude myself into thinking I'm out of it, when everything in my behavior and life points towards the opposite. It's pure escapism of the mind, a sort of inability to cope with reality or something. And with these high moods come big downs. There should be more stability there.

I agree with Entangled and I will take that advice myself. Having compassion for myself etc. Sometimes we just need a little encouragement or kind words to pick us up. Big words such as "get over it" , "You're awesome!" don't help here, because they are empty and shallow.