Certain people?


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Do you find that there are certain people whose manner puts you into panic mode--but there are just as many people (if not more) who you can "handle", no matter what comes up?

I worked in an unpaid internship last fall term six hours a week at a clinic. It was a very important stepping stone for me--and I loved working with the patients. However, the supervisor there is something else!

I want to try to understand her perspective--but I also feel I need to just look out for myself when I encounter personalities like hers: Anytime something came up that was work related, she would send a blanket e-mail out to interns that put the fear of gawd in me. At work, when we'd enter the clinic and greet fellow workers, she would just stare. In the hallway, she'd look away.

Anyway, she just sent an e-mail after our long winter break, pointing out we had f'ed up in some way that is still not clear to me. I tried to pinpoint the problem over the phone when I called (per her request) but got this very passive-aggressive explanation that pretty much sounded like, "The process was there, you guys didn't follow it, I'll have to figure something else out to spoonfeed it to the next group."

I'd felt in the last week things were going kinda better for me--wasn't down in the dumps--and now, I just feel like someone kicked me. Why can't I just see people like this for who they are--not terribly professional--and move on vs. feel a deep sense of guilt for a process I'm quite sure we were never trained to follow?

The job is over--but I feel like this is going to me her lasting impression of our work . . . .
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Just be thankful that the internship is over, and that you're no longer under her thumb. >.<

Sounds like a terrible person to me... though I find that they're all too common. Bitter people that only see everyone around them as annoyances who can never do anything correctly... of course, no matter how hard they try, it'll never live up to her impossible expectations.

And there's not even a good way to deal with them, either. You can be a naturally-happy person with the grace of the Gods... still wouldn't matter. Those types would still treat you as inferior.

The best thing to do is try to ignore them at every possible opportunity, as they're only looking to be treated like royalty by the 'peons' underneath them. Pure tyrants, really. And the kind that will never be able to look in the mirror and see all of their numerous faults.


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I would wager we've all have/had bosses who act exactly like her. I've been subtly humiliated by my boss in front of an audience before.

The job's over now, so now you can move on. What a tough supervisor, though. :thumbdown:


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People who react to my anxiety. They react, I react. Kaboom! There's a synergy to it.


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Thanks, everyone, for weighing in. I'm sorry to learn there's so much of this out there--but I do agree with DepravedFurball :) about what might be going on. I just wish such people would break down and acknowledge they were a bitch/**** once in awhile so my brain would stop trying to figure out what I did wrong.

Thanks for being there for me--and sorry I didn't reply sooner!! Have a nice evening.