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Hey im new here. been blushing everywhere for 5 years now, im 28 and have always played in bands. every weekend i have to get steaming drunk in order to play the gigs. i cant work because of blushing and the gigs are the only thing i have left to hang onto for a social life. should i quit the band and concentrate on getting better or should i keep gigging and not let it beat me? its killing me!


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No, get some lights for the stage, or get some pancake makeup or something... Or say to hell with it, & perform anyways...

I bet you are just great!
The fact that you can get on stage in the first place, is worthy of a pat on the back in itself. Don't let blushing take that away from you.


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Can you even distinguish between a guy having a hot time on stage, and a blushing nervewreck?

I blushed intensely in social situations when I was young, so I've become a pretty shy and avoidant adult. I've had people critique me for being way too passive/stationary (other bandmembers was too though) when I played in a funk cover band.
Personally, I've improved in that area by playing in an original music trio (much closer personal with the other members, and less fear of making mistakes live) and using basses that aren't weighted like a boat-anchor.

Edit: and, YAY alchohol, but going on stage stereotype-drummer-drunk is not a great idea :D
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You got to keep trying, you can let it sacrifice the fun that you have for playing music. You don't want to regret it after either


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Cheers guys, its funny but having a small bit of encouragement makes me feel so much better about it, thanks :). i have tried some kind of stage make up before but people have noticed so had to stop it. i think i am gonna go out on a limb this weekend and force myself not to drink. im bound to blush but i gotta start facing the fear. how did i get stuck with this crippling condition! i must of been an axe murderer in a past life, what was i thinking


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I have played and sung in bands too. At times I would get very nervous and start to shake. Sometimes I was able to be perfectly calm though. Alcohol helped, but I was never completely wasted before going on stage.
Maybe look for some natural herbal stuff that can calm your nerves?
Also make sure you don´t make your nerves worse by drinking too much coffee the same day.
Good luck and most importantly keep rockin


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I find if I'm red already beforehand I'm more confident because it will go unnoticed. Examples are a great suntan or facial sunburn, or exercising like going for a decent jog before the gig. You'll be redfaced the whole time then. Thats what gives me confidence. Hiding behind it. :D

I don't go onstage but anything thats coming up I prepare for.
Sometimes I don't shave for a few days. The facial hair hides some of it but not all. For girls its easy, just wear make up. Guys can't get away with that though unless we want to be called metrosexuals or drags. A blusher wants attention drawn AWAY from him, not directed at him. Make up for guys won't work. Good luck with your gigs. :cool:


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go see your doctor and get some beta blockers prescribed,they dont interfere with your brains like alcohol and less harmful,and non addictive.Anyways its less harm then drinking constantly especially if you have few gigs a week.peace