Ativan - have you tried it? Did it help you?

Hello, so I was prescribed Ativan 0.5mg (Psych. only gave me 15 for 1 month incase I get hooked).

i haven't tried them yet, i will take one tomorrow...i have a feeling they won't do anything....

Have you tried Ativan?
Has it helped you?


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why dont you think they will work?ativan is a very potent will definitely decrease your anxiety.problem is, with frequent use you will get rebound anxiety once the med wears off.not only that the anti-anxiety effects are gone once the drug wears off obviously so you are back to square one..


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I haven't used it but I've heard it's a dangerous medicine and it increases suiciadal thoughts in time if you're taking a heavy dose.


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My doctor prescribed Ativan for when I need to go on a plane somewhere. Kind of knocks me out so I don't get panic attacks. I don't take it very often but it does work well when I need it!


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I've been prescribed Ativan since November, and yes, it does help. But it only lasts a couple to a few hours (seems to for me, at least) so it doesn't do much good in the long run. Which is why I've resorted to only taking it at night for my Insomnia.
My Doc only gave me 0.5 mg too, but he upped the amount of tablet's I get. When I first got it, I was given enough to have 2 a day. Last month, I told him it wasn't helping as much (I built up a tolerance, which unfortunately happens) and he doubled it to 4 tablet's a day. And now I feel like I've built up a tolerance to that too.


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Hello, so I was prescribed Ativan 0.5mg (Psych. only gave me 15 for 1 month incase I get hooked).

i haven't tried them yet, i will take one tomorrow...i have a feeling they won't do anything....

Have you tried Ativan?
Has it helped you?
Psychiatric medication tends to be hit and miss. What works for me might not work for you and vice versa. In my case, Ativan gave me vertigo that wouldn't go away. Hopefully in your case it helped.


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When I went to the hospital they put me on ativan. My regular doctor took me off of it because it was addictive she said. They gave my the whole bottle and a year later that bottle still sits there. For me other medications did it for me. The ativan was calming helping my jitters but I felt zombie like. I would shake in front of group but with my SA anxiety I did not see a major improvement.
I was initially prescribed ativan to mellow out my SA symptoms. It worked well for its intended purpose. But you got to think long term with these medications (benzos) for one day they will stop working no mater how much you take. Back then I didnt know i had the disese of addiction all i knew is that I loved drugs and alcohol. 12 years later I now say that I am clean from drugs and alcohol, but not benzos.

I would take them every day "as needed" like the bottle said. So you can debate if I'm clean or not but I think Im doing pretty well. My Pysch doc prescribed me the medication on a regimine not "as needed". Thats the diference i listen to my doc not changing the way i feel constantly by abusing them.

I can come off all my meds fast (1 month) except benzos (1-1.5) years slowly and then with my SA symptoms intesifying 10 fold.

So my final thoughts are if you are using them for an airplane flight, once and a while for sleeping or medical issue, then I reccommend them. But if you carry them around in your pocket / purse for every SA symptom or even worse evry possible one then you might get hooked. And once youre dependent look forward to a long taper off them with intense anxiety.


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Oooooh, ativan. It can put me right out. In that sense, it definitely helps with the anxiety. Just kinda made me sleepy and subdued. I took it while I was in the hospital for a couple weeks but onlyyyy when I was having extreme anxiety.


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Is sublingual (the instant-acting one that you put under your tongue), or the time-release one?

I have the sublingual one, and I use them time to time whenever I feel really anxious, or if I think I might have a panic attack.

I am prescribed the 0.5 mg and the 1 mg. I usually just use the 0.5 ones.

They do help me, yes. They calm me down and make me a little bit sleepy. But what I don't like about them is that the next day, I feel a little bit off.
I feel groggy, irritable and sometimes a bit anxious, so this makes me think, "Maybe I need another one." I know better than to take them consecutive days in a row, of course, but I guess this is where the "habit forming" comes into play. So it does help, but use it wisely, and decide whether it is even worth the "hangover" the next day.


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I once tried it I went to emergency room because i had a bad attack my chest was tight and having trouble breathing and i just couldnt relax they gave me a shot of it and it actually helped me relax.


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Works good for panic attacks. It's very addicting though and the withdrawals suck. I wouldnt take it unless it was absolutely necessary.
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I've used it. It works very well and takes effect quickly. I have taken it for job interviews so I don't panic. When I have it, I keep some in a bag in my pocket just in case. Just having access is comforting.