Anyone In germany?


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Hi, I´m moving to Saarbrücken in about 2 weeks.
Just got a job there.
Im 26 guy, from Spain, I don speak german however.

It would be great for me to find some people with my problem in Germany.



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Great, we are so near!

I´m obviusly a bit nervous at the moment, as there´s only a few days left until I travel to Saarbrücken to my new job.

When I went to the interview, everything looked great. A peaceful city-village, and and good people. I hope everything goes well and my anxiety doesnt affect to my performance at job.

I look forward to contact you, when I´m a bit more settled however ^^.

Good news there definitely are people in Germany! A recent census says 82,42,000 and better still there's definitely 135,000 people in Heidelberg. :p
ah don't so cynical! You might get a second opportunity with some of them.

How's that progress goin? Hope no peach/fishing situations heh but still feeling the best you ever have I hope? It's so nice to hear people are doing well
That's wonderful news!

Whenever I feel like I'm going backwards I try to remind myself that life is not snakes and ladders and that each new challenge, new setback, new progress all have an equal catalytic effect on me. Where we feel we fail, we succeed in learning. :)


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Hey, sry for the late!

I delayed a bit my trip and this first weeks have been stressing, with my new job and all, actually they are still being it : /

Next weekend i would like visit some place, so why no Heidelberg? ^^
We can meet and have a drink

Will you be around? If it doesnt fit you, any other weekend, there´s plenty of them! ^^


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Hi, i live in Ludwigsburg, southern Germany. Is anyone near that wants to meet up? Im feeling quite lonely at the moment and would like to meet someone that also has to deal with social anxiety.